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Free Demos that you may be interested in:

Download Item Description:
~ Chef Assistant for Cafe World Demo
~ Cleric Assistant for EQII Demo
~ Cleric Assistant for EQ Demo
~ Cleric Assistant for Rift Demo
~ Cleric Assistant for Vanguard Demo
~ Diplomacy Assistant for Vanguard Demo
~ Druid Assistant for EQII Demo
~ Farm Assistant for LOTRO Demo
~ Fishing Assistant for WoW Demo
~ Minstrel Assistant for LOTRO Demo
~ Priest Assistant for WoW Demo
~ Shaman Assistant for EQII Demo
~ The Boxin Assistant Demo
~ The Control Assistant Demo
~ The Skill Assistant Demo
~ The Watchdog Demo
~ Twist Assistant Demo
~ Ultimate Crafting Assistant for EQII Demo
~ Universal Combat Assistant Demo
~ Universal Heal Assistant Demo
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