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I baught this program,

Ive went through all the help files / forum posts / youtube videos / tutorial posts

I still have NO clue how to use this *Control assistant* program just for 1 computer to multibox multiple accounts of daoc.

(im running 4 accounts simultaneously no prob)

but.. everywhere I saw information , it was about how to use the program with multiple monitors..

Any one with experiance with 1 computer / multibox on DAOC ?

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Hi there. I do not think what you are trying to do will work because as far as I know, DAoC blocks input to an inactive window.

  • Game window active = accepts keys fine.
  • Game window in background = ignores all keys sent to it.

WoW, Rift, Vanguard work while running in the background.

EQ1,EQ2, LoTRO ignore keys sent to inactive windows.

I am sure this is probably not what you wanted to hear.

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