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Let me explain a moment how our website handles new account activations. When you create a new user account on this site it sends a confirmation email to the email address that you provided, normally within 5 minutes.  In the email is a link to activate the new account. Clicking the link should pull up the pcgametools website and sucessfully activate the new account.

Lately, we have had people that cannot seem to get the email, or it appears in their spam folder, or the link does not work, and in those cases we can help and activate your account by hand.  But we would like to stream line this as much as possible and find out why this happens.

In all our own tests, using gmail, hotmail and others, the account creation process works 100% of the time which makes this difficult to trouble shoot. So if you go to create an account and it fails for what ever reason, please help us and create a trouble ticket ( which does not require email validation )  Instead of just leaving mad. When filling out a ticket please explain what happened:

  • Did you get the email at the address that you provided? And is it a valid email address... Some people use and then cannot activate the account!  Hellooo...
  • Was the link provided in the email broken? If possible paste the email into the ticket so we can examine it and maybe find what the problem is.

Thank you for your help. We really want our site to operate as smooth as possible and I know that anytime you have to fill out a trouble ticket it consumes time from you, and us as well.  The idea is that you should just be able to log in and click your download and we want to achieve that.  Wink


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