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hi guys,

 I'm a new user to PC game tools, i came across your website when i was trying to find a healing Bot for Everquest. Im currently Demoing the "Cleric Assistant for Everquest" and already stumbled on a couple of troubles im having with it.

So im just configuring the "healing settings" in the program and it asks me to target everyone and click on the 50% hp bars when they are full hp, i did that and can see that sometimes i need to tweak the "scan Variance" so that the scan comes out right, another method is also changing the UI to default velious in game.

After that was done now i have selected what spells to cast at what % and what their key is and all the details, so i do that and sit back and press F11. one big downset is that the bot does not automatically sit down after casting a spell (huge waste of mana).

since the cleric assistant for eq uses Targetting by Clicking it more than often clicks a bit too high or a bit too low and ends up targetting a different class and starts casting, obviously the target intended does not receive a heal so it clicks the same wrong place and casts again, so on until im out of mana. rendering this bot useless to me. it would be soo much better if we could tell the Bot macro's for targetting (e.x. /target 1, /target 2 ....).

Another issue is Bascially a full group in Everquest consists of 6 players. there will always be 1 tank + 1 Healer + 4 random dps. Now considering this program being called a "CLERIC assistant" well then as a cleric we use a spell called "Complete Heal" which is main a heal we use on the tank to be very mana efficient, it is a 10second cast time spell which is commonly used when a tank is at 30-40%hp. and we usee most other fast heal spells on the random dps targets. it would be very un-efficient to be using fast/small heals on the tank. but since fast heals are best to be used on random dps when they are 80% or 70%hp u can already begin to see where the problem lies, i cannot prioritise making fast heals only for target 1-2-3-4-5 and complete heal for target 6. with that problem there what ends up happening is i never get to use my "complete Heal" on the tank because he will never reach 40% hp because im Fast healing everyone who drops below 70-80% hp. making this very mana wasting. and no i cannot increase the % i need to cast complete heal because that would be a waste, and i cannot decrease the % i should fast heal at because that would already mean im well too last (if i made fast heal at less that 60%).

but what was a huge put down was the really unreliable targetting and the fact that they didnt think of an auto sit option after casting.

is there anything i possibly could have not configured properly?

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Hi there. Thank you for taking the time to write a detailed message. The Cleric Assistant series is a very simple line of tools that allows you to get into the game and multi-box very easily and fast. We wrote it for those that saw the Boxin Assistant too complicated or for those times when we wanted to run around with some alts. It costs half as much and has about half the functionality, but sometimes it is ideal for a simple outting.

We also used mounts most of the time, so our cleric sat on a horse and rarely needed to /stand or /sit. When they did, we added it on "Battle Stop" so they sat down at the end of each fight. Clerics sitting during the fight get smacked. 

We like to use it along with the Control Assistant so that I can tell them when to sit. I believe they automatically stood when trying to cast. Also things like follow or wait here we could have happen with the press of a key.

You have a couple of ways to achieve what you want.

1) Try the Boxin Assistant and turn on advanced heals. You can configure any type of heal, recast, target key that is out there and set priorities on when to cast them. Add a /sit command on Battle Stop in the battle settings window.

2) Add in the Control Assistant and tell them when to sit / stand / cast Complete Heal ect...

The Cleric Assistant clicks exactly where you calibrated that health bar. It saves the X and Y location and clicks that exact spot. Being that you are having an issue with it clicking in the wrong place, you need to go back and recalibrate those health bars. If it is clicking above, then calibrate it a little lower. The big clunky mouse pointer is not exact, a cross hair would be better but it refuses to change over a game window. 

I hope any of this helps and that you enjoy Everquest. That is a huge game and I have only seen about 50% of it after several play throughs and many years. Ever is right, as it has no ending. 

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