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I am interested in buying the tool for duo boxing, but I want to make sure it is still being supported first.

EDIT: I downloaded the EQ cleric demo. Doesnt seem to work at all. 

I was able to scan a health bar, and set my heal to 70% with the proper cast time. I started the program (f11 didnt work I had to manually click start then go back into EQ) 

The status said watching health and buffs for 2 people. Seems like its working, the health drops below the threshold and the program says casting heal 2 on member 1, cool should be working right? 

No, it does cast anything. 

Same with buffs, I set the proper hotkeys and timers, the program says its buffing but it does actually do anything. I couldnt find anywhere to tell it how to target each party member, and I assumed that was the problem, so I manually selected the target I needed healing on, and it still never sent the command to heal to the game despite the status bar saying it was. 

Assuming I didnt set something up right, and those are fixable. There is another problem, there is certainly no option for the character to meditate after casting a heal, so they would just go oom after a few minutes and I would still have to manually have the character sit after each heal, and finally, I want it to heal a pet in the party, it doesnt seem like the tool is capable of this either. 

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Hi there. Yea, we are still here. Sorry for the delay. I am sure you are long gone, but if you need support for something specific, please send in a support ticket as those are emailed to us. We recently moved the site to a new server and several things broke because of various upgrades and many of our posts were lost, and forum notifications work when they like. 

After windows 7, you have to run the tools as administrator or it does not have permission to send key presses to the game or bind hotkeys, like F11 to start the tool. They are just silently dropped. Right click the icon, run as administrator. 

You might want to try the Boxin Assistant demo as you can do a lot more custom things, like send commands on combat stop etc... 

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