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I'm trying the demo of the farmer assist for LOTRO-

It plants crops fine-  But in between planting the crops I see it trying to target and harvest the crops-  while the status bar is still showing progress.

I set up the location of the status bar and the make button several times to exclude error of pointing to the wrong area.

Is there a way to set a timer of when it harvests?  I counted about 6-7 seconds before the status bar goes away, probably 8-10 seconds before I can harvest to be safe.

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Thank you for trying the demo. The issue sounds like it is not recognizing the color of the progress bar being there. First be sure that the game is in windowed mode then I would try running as administrator and disabling desktop composition like mentioned here: http://www.pcgametools.com/wiki/wiki/ultimate-crafting-assistant-vs-windows-vista

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