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How do you handle the auto sit when Oom in EQ when the color does not change but rather just runs out. Also is there to set it to pause for a certain amount of time before starting again to allow for medding time?

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Welcome to PCGameTools. In EQ1, it is great if you can use a mount because you meditate the entire time you are casting and you do not have to /stand /sit. That said, it should still work fine. The "low power" is set to trigger a command if it sees, or does not see a color. 

The mana bar should drain just like the health bar does. If you calibrate it on the mana bar when full, then check "Do not see" it means that when I no longer see this color, then send this command. When the power returns, they will cast again and stand back up. 

Of course you do mini macros in the command box and make it /sit and wait for as long as you want. The macro ~200:300 would make it wait 20 to 30 seconds. It is 1/10th a second intervals.

Something like this would work in the low power, sit and wait 1 minute:

/sit ~600:600 Be sure to enclose them both in angle brackets. If I add them here, the forum will block the code... You can use the mini macro builder to assemble something custom for you. I hope this helps!

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