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The counter events seem to be really slow and always activate 1-2 seconds after the event has finished. Is there any way to speed this up? Other than this the program is working really well

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Hi there, I answered your support ticket with this but perhaps this will help others having the same problem so I will post it here:

The crafting icons in EQ2 look very similar and the crafting assistant tries to compare pixel to pixel. Because of the way that the pixel comparison works, and since windows 7, some computers tend to work better than others for some reason of late. It is quite possibly the Desktop Composition making reading the pixels slow but that is just a guess. (www.pcgametools.com/wiki/wiki/ultimate-crafting-assistant-vs -windows-vista

There are 3 ways to come at this problem: 
Try disabling Desktop Composition like mentioned here: www.pcgametools.com/wiki/wiki/ultimate-crafting-assistant-vs -windows-vista 

Ignore them and power through: 

Counter events used to be crucial but EQ2 has toned them down time after time. I find that simply crafting like this works fine with counter events disabled altogether. 

For an example try this: 

* Set it to send one progress buff constantly: the one with -success chance. 
* Set up and enable all 3 durability buffs so that when the durability drops it will send all 3 to bring it back up. 
* Set up your :wait till full power: and possibly the health. 
* Save and try to craft an item. 

I get pristine 100% of the time on anything that I can successfully craft by hand and grind out things all day. 

Use Custom Event Icons: 

The Custom Event Icons ignores all of this and does a simple color check which is very fast and near 100% accurate. The event icons that come with the game can be hard to tell apart. The UCA compares these icons and tries to find the best match when countering an event. It does a pretty good job but if countering events is really important to you, take a look at using custom crafting icons. These solid color icons are much easier to distinguish and can greatly improve event countering when using crafts like wood working. Instead of comparing the icons the UCA can do a simple color check, counter the event and move on. This greatly improves speed and countering accuracy. 

The easiest way to install the custom icons is to follow these instructions: 
* Install EQ2Maps if you have not already. We consider it a necessity when playing EQ2 anyway :) 
* Unzip the CustomIcons.zip file in the UCA's install folder. 
* Place the .dds files into (EQ2\UI\EQ2MAP\images\icons). 
By default this would be: 
C:\Program Files\Sony Online Entertainment\Installed Games\EverQuest II Extended\UI\EQ2MAP\images\icons 

* On the UCA go to Main Settings > Custom UI and check the "Use Custom Icons" check box. You do not need to be using a custom ui or check the Use Custom UI box to use the custom icons. 

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