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Recently we have changed the default install location for some of our tools. Used to everything was placed in C:\pcgametools by default. But if you owned a few tools this got cluttered.  We have started moving tools into their own folder in c:\pcgametools\Item name.

What this means to you is that if you have The Boxin Assistant installed in C:\pcgametools and upgrade using the default install path of C:\pcgametools\Boxin Assistant your settings will not be there. 

Simply copy the ini file into the new tool folder and all your settings will be restored.  For the Boxin Assistant, copy bast.ini from c:\pcgametools into c:\pcgametools\Boxin Assistant

Sorry for the trouble, but it will be much tidier for each tool to have its own folder to live in. The same is also true for the Start menu now. There will be a default folder of pcgametools\item name.  Hope this helps anyone upgrading to find your saved settings!  Smile

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