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When I set hotkeys in control assistant it seems to overwrite my kb. So If I set 1 as my hotkey it will basically not let me type 1 anywhere while it is running. It doesn't send the command over pearl and it won't even let me type 1 in a word processor.

Using win 10 control assistant 7.01

I am sure it is something I have set wrong somewhere.

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Sorry I am late replying to this. We have been working on a new server and this post was over looked. What you have done is mapped "1" to do something else, so it no longer sends 1. Personally, I use the number pad for the control assistant and I control all of my bots from there. NUM 1, NUM 2, etc... This allows me to keep them all in one place. 

You can edit the .ini file and remove any mappings in there to clear that up. Just search for the key that you mapped and delete that line, then save.

Hope this helps!

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