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What changes or new features would you like to see added to our existing  tools?  Or is there a new tool that you would like to see added? We are always looking for ways to improve so here is your chance to let us know!   Smile

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something that works






I would like to see you make your products work with UI's that where made for EQ2 like Profit or Nightfall since 90% of the gamers use these 2 UI's. Because you don't make this Possible I'm not going to keep using your products its just too much trouble shifting back and forth and most the time they don't work anyway.

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Hi there  Laughing

As far as custom UI's and their compatibility:

The following products work with wow, eq, eq2, lotr, daoc, warhammer, vanguard, city of heroes, swg and many other games, with various interfaces and operating systems. Some people even run them under Wine in Linux:

  • The Control Assistant
  • The Boxin Assistant
  • The Heal Assistant
  • The Combat Assistant
  • The Twist Assistant
  • The Diplomacy Assistant for Vanguard works in Vanguard using the default diplomacy window.
  • The Fishing Assistant for WoW works with wow.
  • The Crafting Assistant for EQ2 works with EQ2 using the default crafting window.

Which of the above is not working for you? All software products have requirements. You cannot run software written for windows under DOS. There has to be some standard to build on. We try to provide demos for you to test it on your system as it is hard to cover all system configurations, resolutions, operating systems for everyone.

If you demo an item and it works for you, enough that you then purchase it and use it for a few months. But then later, you modify your system and it no longer works. Should you then get mad and blame it on the writer?  Cry

You did not say but I am guessing you are attempting to use the Ultimate Crafting Assistant for EQ2 with a custom UI and you are getting frustrated because it does not work.  Since we provide a demo for it and explain that you need the default crafting window to use it... well, let's just not go there.  Innocent

From our point of view there is always a new "UI of the month" for EQ2.  Whether it be Thor, Fetish, Profit, Profit Reborn, Mothers, Droms, Nightfall. How do you support every whim someone installs?  Even worse, uninstalls leaving their system half baked, which is usually what happens. Undecided 

Nevertheless, we have decided to "open" the crafting assistant to where you can specify each check point individually your self, if you so desire, so you can in theory use any ui out there if you want to spend the time to set it up.  But it will be up to you to make it work...

We plan to do this the first of the year as time permits. So your wish may actually come true. Wink


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So first things first - I have been using your crafting assistant in eq2 for about 7 months. Never once had an issue with it. It is flawless. Yes, I use the default UI - as required. I even edited the file so it will /camp desktop instead of just /quit (because /quit only goes to character select screen and video card still renders and runs and gets hot). So I think you make a great quality product personally! Thank you :)


Now, what I would like to see is a few things:

- a box to clear all the check marks out of each column so you dont have to click 12 times twice etc...

- The ability to run the program on the same PC on two monitors at the same time. I have dual monitor set up from one PC and run two instances of eq2. Would be great to be able to have both accounts crafting at same time... tho I am not sure if this is possible since it uses mouse controls. But still a wish :)

- a discount in prices for return customers ! We are in a recession afterall ;P

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Hey there. Thanks for the feedback. It is good to hear that it is working for you as we normally only hear when it does not. Smile

  • In the next release of the UCA and we will try and add a button to clear all the recipes at once for you.
  • On running 2 instances on the same computer with different monitors, Well that is much more difficult because you have one mouse cursor ect...  Something that you might want to look into is a virtual computer like vmware  or parrallels which would allow you to run a "second" computer on your desktop.  With this, (If EQ2 will run in it, some games will) you would have 2 computers running on your one  Wink
  • We have tossed around some ideas for a reward program for return customers but have not yet worked out the details. This is some thing we would like to do at some point.


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There are a few things that I would like to see in the crafting assistant for EQ2. . .

A feature for doing Rush Tradeskill Writs

Auto buy/sell

A custom set of icons so that the countering would actually work cuz i cannot get it to work for the life of me. i even tried adding a huge colored circle to the icon and still wouldnt work.

the best feature though would be the feature for rush tradeskills somthing that would make the bot target the writ giver, target the clipboard then target the crafting station and pump out the writ. I would even go for somthing that would just craft the 6 combines fast enough for it to finish the writ while you wait.

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Repeat x times field in the log triggers. Without having to write a long macro. If I want to </cast 1> x 100 times consecutively, but cast time is 5 seconds, and recast set at 0, it would do more than 100 it would be infinite loop, right? But what if I want it to do it an exact amount of times? Like 1000, then move on to </cast 2> x 1000 times directly after?

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I have three features I'd like to you to consider adding to UCA.
1) The option to have the tool turn ability queuing off when it starts to craft and back on when it completes.
2) The option to cast a power (or health) regen buff between each crafting attempt.
3) A 'crafting complete' alert. So that if I am distracted by watching TV, reading or even leaning back and relaxing it will get my attention.

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