How to 2 Box in MMORPGS:

This 2 boxing guide for online gaming will show you how to 2 box multiple characters in most MMO games privately through your LAN. We will explain how to control multiple characters (2 Box) from one computer in games like Everquest, EQ2, Vanguard, World of Warcraft, SWG, Warhammer, Lord of the Rings, Dark age of Camelot and most others. The tools we will use work great in all these games.  In this example we will use the Control Assistant on your main PC to control 1 or more Boxing Assistant's on your second, third fourth... PCs. This setup will give you full control over multiple characters and will allow you to easily box an entire group (or even a raid!) from your own keyboard. No scripting or macro knowledge is needed. Most games today have no active log file so we will create our own log file private and secure through our network. For this example we will play a warrior and 2 box a priest in world of warcraft.

When you purchase the Boxin Assistant we allow you install it on all the computers you own. So you only need to buy one to box an entire raid. That is fine with us. It is yours. You bought it. The control assistant works the same way but it was written to control the Boxin Assistant. You should have a shared network drive on one of the PCs to store the log file on. In this example we will call that S drive for server.  All the computers should be able to see an S:\logfile.txt.  There are lots of detailed guides on sharing a folder so we will not go into details here. Just google file sharing. 

Most of this 2 boxing guide will apply to other games as well. First lets cover the basic steps and then we will cover it in detail below. There are 4 basic steps to 2 boxing in most games:

  1. Install the Control Assistant on your main PC, create a profile and do a basic setup of game title and log file path.

  2. Install the Boxin Assistant on your bot PC(s), create a profile and set the game title and log file path.

  3. Control Assistant: Remote Box Control: Set up hot keys to tell your bot(s) commands like start and stop combat.

  4. Boxin Assistant: Log File Triggers: Set up the triggers to watch for and the commands to execute when found.

After this you can press the hot keys you defined and the bots should follow your commands. One gotcha to look out for is that the game title should be set or the hot keys you set up will not work. The hot keys in the Control Assistant work when ever the "game title" window is active. This allows you to set up as many hot keys as you like and they will only work in your game and not in things like your web browser.

Now lets cover these steps in detail. It is pretty simple once you have grasped how it works:

Setting up the Control Assistant:

We will assume you have the Control Assistant installed on your main PC now and registered. Launch it and go to Tool Options:

How to 2 box in World of Warcraft

  • Click "New" and type a profile name for the character you are playing. We play so many games that we do something like Game-Class-Name as the profile name now. Example: WoW-Warrior-Henry When done click "Save".

  • Choose a skin color  that you like and click the "Set Skin Color" button to save it. 

  • Enter the game name you are going to play in "Partial Game Title":     Example: World of Warcraft  !!! This is important or hot keys will not work !!!

  • Enter the window title that you want displayed on the Control Assistant windows. 

  • Note the hot keys to start and stop. There are separate keys for combat and the rest of the tool like visual triggers. This allows you to watch health bars all the time but turn combat on and off as needed. When done click "Save".

You now have a profile ready and all settings are stored for this character in that profile. You can have as many profiles as you like. All the settings are stored separately for them. Lets set up some commands to control our bot PCs:

Open "Remote Box Controls" and you should see a window like the following:

How to 2 Box in Warhammer Online

  • At the top we set the network share S:\logfile.txt and check the enable box. Click the select button and find it. Do not just type it in. For now ignore the Network server settings. This is an upcoming feature. I am using the test version to do this how to as it is soon to be released.

  • Enter an On Start: trigger that will tell your bots to go into combat and an On Stop: trigger to tell them to stop combat. Enable both check boxes.

  • Set up some hot keys to give commands to your group. Be sure to check the Enable box and Write to Log box. EXAMPLE: In the picture above when I press the CTRL+F hot key "Follow me" will be written to the log file.  When I press the CTRL+H hot key "Mount up!" will be written to the log file and will also be sent to my game to summon my own mount.  This way you can both mount up at the same time, or a full raid.. When you are done click "Save". 

Setting up the Boxin Assistant:


Now you should have the Boxin Assistant set up on your second, third, fourth PCs and registered. Click on "Options" and "Manage Profiles" and you should see the following:

How to 2 Box in Vanguard Saga of Heroes!

  • Click the "New" button and enter in a name for the new profile. In this example we will be 2 boxing a priest in wow named Jenny.  You can use anything you like here but we find that when playing a lot of games with a lot of characters being descriptive pays off in the long run. Click Save when done and a new profile is created to save all your settings in.


Now click Options > Settings > Tool Settings and lets set the game title to Warcraft. If you were 2 boxin in Everquest II you could just put "Everquest". It you were 2 boxing in Warhammer then "Warhammer" should work fine. A partial title match is all that is needed. This finds the proper window to send keys to. 

How to 2 Box in Everquest 2  How to 2 Box in Lord of the Rings Online

There are many features in the Boxin Assistant but we do not have to set up that much to get started. 

  • Enter the window title that you want displayed on the Boxin Assistant windows. 

  • Set the group slider to how many people you have in your group, for our example set it to 2 and then click save. 

  • If you were boxing a DPS class you could choose "Pure DPS" mode and they will just fight. Or if in a hard area and you want them to pay close attention to heals and not fight choose Pure Healer. For our example choose Hybrid which will heal and do battle. When done click "Save".

Now go to Options > Settings > Log File Triggers and lets define the triggers that we set up in the Control Assistant earlier:

How to 2 Box in Age of Conan

  • Set our log file to S:\logfile.txt just as we did in the Control Assistant. If this is your only boxin assistant choose "Auto Erase". If you are boxing more than one character leave this unchecked as they will get confused when one is reading and the other erases! We do not need "Random Delays" in this example as we are using a private log file and not sending anything through the game.

  • Enter our start and stop combat triggers that we set up in the Control Assistant Remote Box Controls. Which were Fight! and Rest!. The triggers need to match the "Write to Log" text you entered into the Control Assistant.

  • Enter our "Follow" trigger we set up in the Control Assistant which was "Follow me".  Make a macro on your hot bar for /follow <name> and enter it here. 

  • Fill in the rest of the triggers that you created in the Control Assistant here and when you have completed press "Save".

Finishing up:

At this point we can press F11 on the Boxin Assistant to start it up. Now you can press F11 to on the Control Assistant PC to start combat and F12 to stop combat. Both tools should now start obeying your hot key commands. If your hot keys do not work be sure the game window is active. Then check your game title in tool settings and reload the Control Assistant with CTRL+ALT+R. You should be able to press F11 and see the Boxin Assistant go into combat. When you press F12 it should stop. When you press CTRL+F they should follow you and CTRL+D and they should stop.  Of course to make them do more than follow you and wait we need to set up more actions. We will cover that in another part where we can explain it in more detail for various games.

This guide has seperate follow ups for:

Disclaimer: On this website we mention many games from many companies that we respect and have played ourselves. We are not a part of or affiliated with any of these games in any way nor do we claim to be. All their information and names belong to them and we are happy that they write such great games for us to enjoy! Legal Notices