How to 2 Box in Everquest (EQ)

This guide covers 2 boxing in EQ, The original Everquest I. This is a follow up guide to How to 2 Box in MMORPGS  and if you have not read it yet, you should start there first. This guide will resume where that one left off and try and explain how to control several characters in Everquest 2 using one keyboard. We ran a group in EQ from level 1 on to level 70, with no problems using the Control / Boxin Assistant duo. Press a key and the whole group follows, press a key everyone goes into combat, press another and they stop, press a key and the group evacs... Once set up it is a lot of fun to take on the premiere content with just your wife or even by your self. ;)

Everquest is a very fun game. And probably the best bunch of players we have run across. But it can be really hard to get groups there. It is common to stand around looking for a group for several hours at the higher levels and still not find one. Boxing allowed us to really enjoy that game without having to stand around hoping to get a group when we only had a couple of hours to play to begin with. Without it we would not have been able to continue to play. 

Now that you have read How to 2 Box in MMORPGS we will take up where it left off. This means that you should already have a network share for our log file set up, The Control Assistant installed and profile created and The Boxin Assistant installed and a profile created. Also you have the basic start, stop, follow and wait commands working through the log file triggers. In this example we are going to play a warrior (Henry) and 2 box a shaman (Jenny) in Everquest. Of course one of the main advantages of bringing along a shaman is heals so lets start there.

Everquest Heal Setup:

On the Boxin Assistant Click Options > Settings > Heal Settings:

Howto 2 Box in Everquest II

Here we will set up some heals for our group. Keep in mind when setting up heals the default way the Boxin Assistant thinks is that "If I do not see that color at that location, target the player and press the heal key".   Also when you calibrate a heal click it at the spot you want to cast the heal at. 80%, 60%, 50% ect...

(On the Boxin PC) Click "Calibrate" on the top heal setting and move the mouse over your own health bar. Press the space bar to grab the color and location to check for. Choose "Group 1" for the target. Under "Heal Key" enter the key for the heal you want to use. Set the cast and recast times so it will know how often to cast this heal. For now you can ignore the other settings. They are for more advanced scenarios.  Check the full health check and click the calibrate button. Target someone and place your mouse over the very last pixel of the target boxes health bar. Press the space bar. This will check if the player is full health before casting a heal and will abort the cast. Great if someone else in the group may be healing as well and will save energy. Set up your regrowth and the proper recasts.

Calibrate as many heals as you need for your group. Be sure to set the target, heal key and calibrate the ones that you enable. When done double check everything and click "Save" to save your heal settings. You should now be ready to start healing your group. 

  • The higher priority heals are cast first so set the priority as needed.

  • The heal skip checks are good for checking if a player has died and will skip that heal unless it sees the color on their health bar. This is not necessary though.

  • The "Group" check box will add this heal to the group heal count. If enough heals need to be cast they will cast a group heal instead.

  • See and Not color checks allow you to reverse the heal check and cast the heal if the color is seen.

Everquest Battle Setup:

Lets enable them to help us while in battle. When 2 boxing a duo we need all the DPS we can get.

 On the Boxin PC Click Options > Settings > Battle Action Settings:

Howto 2 Box in EQ2


  • Calibrate our "Wait to start if:" by clicking the calibrate button and choosing the last pixel on your target bar. This will keep them from nuking mobs that are full health and is always a good idea for a healer.
  • Check the Power Threshold box and click calibrate. Choose an area on your power bar where you would like to stop casting DDs and save power for healing. Usually 50% is a good spot but that depends on how hard you are getting hit!
  • Use the top actions for melee styles and the bottom for power consuming styles. We like to make a macro with our melee styles in it to save hot bar space. The top actions are used anytime at all and the bottom actions check your power threshold before casting.
  • Set up your damage spells and any DOTs that you may want to use by adding the key and cast and recast times.. We set a color check on DOTS to make sure the mob is at least half health when casting them so we don't try to DOT a mob that is almost dead. 
  • If you want to perform a color test on the mob before casting you can enable the checkbox and choose "See" or "Not" and it will make intelligent decisions when casting.
  • When done double check your settings and click save.

You will probably want to set up a few buffs in Options > Settings > Buff Settings but for as of now you are ready for combat. Play around with the various settings. The help file covers all the features. The Boxin Assistant is a really versatile tool with hundreds of features and can do pretty much anything you can by hand. It just takes patience to learn the way it "thinks".   You are now ready to 2 box a Shaman in Everquest. She will heal your tank and assist him in battle faithfully!

There are 16 classes in Everquest:


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