What is Multi-Boxing and why do it?

Multi-boxing or 2 Boxing is a term used mostly in MMORPGs to refer to playing as multiple separate characters simultaneously. This can either be achieved by using multiple separate machines to run the game or by running multiple separate instances of the game.  Variations on the term are common. Often, the number of accounts used is reflected in the term used: dual-boxing or two-boxing for two characters, three-boxing for three etc. We often 6 box and even had one client that ran 24, a full raid group with just him and his wife.  These games are a lot of fun and highly addictive. As you play your character you advance through levels and get stronger. Also you gather more items. Some call it Botting or Macroing or Scripting but really its just "Boxin" or playing multiple characters at once.

Why Multi-Box:

Multi-boxing is done for several reasons. People enjoy the additional challenge it can bring, as well as being able to tackle more difficult monsters by themselves. A lot of time it is a matter of convenience, having permanent access to a character that can buff, heal or resurrect the main character. Sometimes you just do not feel like socializing or "entertaining" a group in the evening.  The games are designed in such a way that you need a "group" of players to actually get good items and experience to advance your character. The truth is though in a lot of the games it is difficult to get a group when you only have a couple of hours of play time. And this increases as you get higher level. So... we bring our own!  No group goes anywhere without a healer. But healers are not always the "fun" class to play. Multi Boxing allows us to bring along a healer to heal us and lets us play what ever class we would normally.  If we get a group, great!  But if not we pull out our healer and go hunt anyway.

Multiplayer games are intended to be played in groups for the best experience, though most now provide solo content as well, or adventures a player character can do on their own. It can be difficult to find a group to adventure with, and this allows people to play the game without waiting around in safe areas like cities for a long period of time. This change turned out to be popular, and some of the older MMORPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons Online were retrofitted to make solo play easier. Adding to the popularity is a side effect: some people prefer to solo. To encourage players to continue grouping, many games reward grouping by giving grouped players bonuses such as more experience points than they would otherwise get soloing. When Multi Boxing you can take full advantage of this. You can solo AND get the best XP and loot. All the loot that drops goes to you so you so when that ultra rare piece of armor that drops... its yours. 

Compatibility with Game Rules:

Multi boxing is generally allowed by MMORPG End User License Agreements, because the characters are still subject to all the normal rules of the gameworld and are controlled by the player directly. It is not a cheat or hack to run around with 2 characters you control. Also most games only allow a single character per account to be logged in at once, so multi-boxers need a separate account for each character they want to play simultaneously. In subscription based services, this means paying multiple monthly fees, and buying several copies of game expansions. The game companies like this part especially.

What we do:

PC Game Tools creates tools to make multi-boxing easier and less stressful on you. Once configured it is very easy to control an entire group from one keyboard. It saves wrist strain from pressing so many keys during hours of grinding levels. You are still actually playing the game. You just have more support while doing it from multiple characters. You press a key and your group starts fighting. You press a key and they stop. We have been "Multi-Boxing" for over 10 years. Its just a natural part of our gaming. After writing so many tools for various games we play we have developed some that can change and go with you game to game.  The Boxin Assistant and The Control Assistant are both fantastic tools for Multi-Boxing in most games out today. Here are some guides for using them in popular MMOs today:

Here are some guides for Multi-Boxing in popular games today:

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