Vanguard Macro Guide

Vanguard Macros

Vanguard Saga of Heroes Macro Guide:

Macros in Vanguard are pretty simple but also extremely useful. After you learn how to make them you will not want to play with out them! To get started simply follow these instructions:

  • Right click one of the hot keys on your hot bar and a menu will pop up titled: "Make Macro".
  • Enter a Name and if you want an icon choose it in the little scroll box or click the "Text-Only Macro" at the bottom and it will simply display the title that you entered above.
  • Now in the center enter the macro that you want to create and hit save. That is all there is to making a macro in Vanguard. Now that will not help you much if you do not know what you can add to it so here is some examples:

/assist <name>  : This will assist the player you name and give you their target. Everyone needs a good assist macro to avoid chaos when grouping!

/target <name> : This will target that player.

/find <name> : This will try and target anything with that name. Very useful for finding mailboxes, NPCS and such.

/cast "Ability Name"   : This will cast the ability that you specify. Keep in mind that the abilities use roman numerals and that the "Abilityname 1" is a capital i. So "Blizzard III" would be blizzard iii.  You can right the ability icon to see its exact spelling.

/reactionautochain  : This will auto chain your abilities as they become available.

/reactionautocounter  : This will auto counter attack with your abilities as they become available. Like after a parry ect.

/reactionchain #: The "#" is the location of the spell on your finishing attacks bar, i.e., the first spell would be "reaction chain 1". The advantage of this command is that you can easily take advantage of multiple level finishing moves for a spell you want to make a priority. For instance, "Concordant Palm" must be preceded by "Concordant Hand" for a disciple. This command will activate both.

/reactioncounter #: This command has the same functionality of /reactionchain, but applies to counterattacks.

Sometime macros can stop working and you will need to retype them. No idea why, they just do.

An example of a Vanguard melee macro. You might would use:

/assist Bruiser Assist the tank in the group
Loot what ever corpse you have targeted
/reactionautochain Auto chain our styles
/reactionautocounter Auto counter our styles
/cast "Ice Comet III" Cast our best nuke
/cast "Strike of Scaryness V" Cast something else
/cast "Hammer of Smashing IV" Cast something else
/cast "Blizzard IV" Cast something else

Crafting macros are also very useful and save a lot of mouse clicking. Here is an example Vanguard crafting macro:

/craftingaddsecondary This will auto add your resonating dusts and such so you do not have to worry about missing it.
/craftingselectstep 8 Now we start at the end of the steps and try each one, using the first available step.
/craftingselectstep 7
/craftingselectstep 6 This macro will press the first icon on the first available step for you.
/craftingselectstep 5
/craftingselectstep 4
/craftingselectstep 3
/craftingselectstep 2

/craftingselectstep 1

/craftingselectaction 1  <- This selects the actual action. Make a second macro with action 2 and you can craft with 2 buttons.

Simple 2 boxing macros that we find useful:

Auto Follow:

/target <me>

Assist Me:

/target <me>
/assist <me>

Typical Assist and Nuke my target macro for Vanguard:

/assist <me>
/cast "Ice Comet I"
/cast "DD 2"
/cast "DD 3"


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