How to 2 Box WoW on the same Computer:

2 Box 5 WoW characters on the same PC! This WoW 2 boxing guide will show you how to 2 box multiple characters in World of Warcraft on the same computer. The tool we will use for this is the Control Assistant. In this example we will use a warrior and a mage in world of warcraft.  You could easily use any other classes in the game. I will try and illustrate how to set up the Control Assistant on your main PC to play your warrior and map keys to your other characters. This setup will give you full control over multiple characters and will allow you to easily box an entire group from your own keyboard. No scripting or macro knowledge is needed. 

Most of this 2 boxing guide will apply to other games as well. First lets cover the basic steps and then we will cover it in detail below. There are 4 basic steps to 2 boxing in most games:

  1. Install the Control Assistant on your main PC, create a profile and do a basic setup of game title and log file path.

  2. Under "Inactive Window Controls" choose the window title of the window you want to send keys to.

  3. Assign the keys that you want to use and save.

After this you can press the hot keys you defined and the bots should follow your commands. One gotcha to look out for is that the game title should be set or the hot keys you set up will not work. The hot keys in the Control Assistant work when ever the "game title" window is active. This allows you to set up as many hot keys as you like and they will only work in your game and not in things like your web browser.

Now lets cover these steps in detail. It is pretty simple once you have grasped how it works:

Setting up the Control Assistant:

We will assume you have the Control Assistant installed on your main PC now and registered. Launch it and go to Tool Options:

2 Box WoW on Same PC!

  • Click "New" and type a profile name for the character you are playing. We play so many games that we do something like Game-Class-Name as the profile name now. Example: WoW-Warrior-Henry When done click "Save".

  • Choose a skin color  that you like and click the "Set Skin Color" button to save it. 

  • Enter the game name you are going to play in "Partial Game Title":     Example: World of Warcraft  !!! This is important or hot keys will not work !!!

  • Enter the window title that you want displayed on the Control Assistant windows. 

  • Note the hot keys to start and stop. There are separate keys for combat and the rest of the tool like visual triggers. This allows you to watch health bars all the time but turn combat on and off as needed. When done click "Save".

You now have a profile ready and all settings are stored for this character in that profile. You can have as many profiles as you like. All the settings are stored separately for them.

Lets set up some commands to control our mages:

Open "Inactive Window Controls" and you should see a window like the following:

World of Warcraft 2 Box on same PC

  • In this example we are going to play a warrior and run a mage on a second wow window on the same computer. Run them in "Windowed Mode - Full Screen".  So we are running 2 wow accounts on the same computer. This should work for up to 5 World of Warcraft accounts on the same computer. So we could easily have 4 mages following. Just check "Send / All" on the hot keys and it will send the keys to all the windows..

  • At the top we check the enable box. Click the "Choose Window" button and click your Mages window. 

  • Map "Hot Keys" that you press to the "Send" box and then enable the check boxes. 


  • In the picture above CTRL+F will send the = key to all warcraft windows. 

  • CTRL+D will send the S key to all warcraft windows.

  • 2 will send the 2 key to all warcraft windows.

  • CTRL+E will send the 9 key only to the window that you chose with the "Choose Window" button.

With this done you can now press a key and the mage will follow you. Press a key and they will stop. Press a key and they will cast AEs. Press a key and they will evac. When you are done click "Save".  Now you can play your warrior and press 2 to PBAE all the mobs around you with your mage.

The Control Assistant is versatile and can do many other things including controlling your other PCs, sending commands for you, do styles for you, watching the screen and clicking boxes... See the product page for details.

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