World of Warcraft Macro Guide

Creating a World of Warcraft Macro:

  • Open the Options window but hitting "escape".
  • Click the "Macros" button. The create macros window should open. /m in chat does the same.
  • There are general macros and character specific macros. For now choose general. The macros are stored on your computer so when boxing you may have to recreate them! Macros can have up to 255 characters in them.
  • Click "New" to create a new macro and another window should open.
  • Type the name of the macro in the top field. Make it short as it is displayed on it.
  • Choose an Icon for it or choose the ? mark to display the text title you entered.
  • Type in /wave and when you click off the window it is auto saved. You can drag this down onto your hot bar to use it.

Here are some examples that we use when 2 boxing:

Auto Follow:

/target <me>

Assist Me:

/assist <me>
/cast <dot name>

Typical twisting macro:

/assist <me>
/use <instant ability 1>
/use <instant clicky 2>
/cast <dot 1>

There are many many in depth guides out there for wow macros. This is just a brief overview of some we find are helpful when 2 boxing  ;)

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