The Boxin' Assistant

I've really enjoyed your products through the years and have had a lot of fun in a lot of different game because of you guys - thank you!  I tell my kids "Doc wrote this program for us" and they love you.  My 10-year-old son
configured a team and 6-boxes on a regular basis omglmao! Bryan

I thought I'd just drop a note back saying how very pleased and impressed I am with the Boxin' Assistant. At first I was a little daunted by it as it seemed a little complicated but after about an hour or so I realised it wasn't as complex as it I first thought, instead it's just jam-packed full of cool features just waiting to be discovered and utilised! I don't get to spend as much time playing online as I used to due to a spinal injury that makes it painful to remain in one position for too long. Even in the few short days that I have been using the Boxin' Assistant, it's flexibility has allowed me to do so much more than I would normally be able to achieve. It's really helped put the fun back into MMORPGs for me. Thank you for creating such a brilliant tool and thank you for sharing it with us! Martin

Thank you for making such a great tool! Matthew

I would like to say that your programs are incredible. I do not want my issues to overcloud the fact that I truly enjoy your product(s). I have purchased 3 programs so far and if you come out with something new for the game I play I would probably buy it as well. I have been so satisfied in the past that even though I did request a demo of BA, I never installed it, I basically bought it sight unseen b/c I was confident that it would meet my needs. You not only make an excellent product but you are also responsive and helpful which to many is even more important. Please keep up the great work, and I look forward to purchasing more of your programs in the future!! Richard

Hey, very cool programs you made. I use 2 of em, i love them Christian

The Twist Assistant

Twister works like a champ!! I can't believe how well it works and how much easier and less painless harvesting is. Best $10 bucks I have ever spent on a game related item! Thanks so much for helping me get it working. You guys are fantastic!!! Cullen

Its great - very useful to increase my DPS as a scout in EQ2 : I use it in solo mode to and it works well. Cor

Ultimate Crafting Assistants for Everquest 2

Hey there, just wanted to say thanks for all the help & support getting my eq2 craft assistant working. It's great ;-) Bob


First I would like to say that I love this program, and so far it is doing a very good job. THANK YOU for creating it! :) Next, you replied to my first ticked very fast and that shows that you guys really do care about your cusomers which is too hard to find these days. Thank you for that too. Michael

Awesome! I started playing EQ2 after the first week it was out on shelves and the only other prior experience I had playing online was Star Wars Galaxies for 4 months so in no way would I consider myself a experienced gamer or a N00b.

Eq2's crafting is awesome but way to click Happy for me, so I never bothered to just like tons of people who play. And So there I was @ LVL 34 adventurer and I was a level 7 artisan (and I choked on doing that). Well as anyone who plays the game knows stuff is expensive and with nothing but adventuring if I wanted the best supplies I had to either buy GP online or suffer crafting, and @ LVL 7 it was gonna take me forever to gain that xp to reach the LVL I was at to make the coin to buy the stuff I needed (and we all know by need I really mean want hehe).

So then I saw the crafting tool and thought it was gonna be too hard for someone who was used to making tin spikes to LVL.man was I wrong. With the instructions it took 30 mins for a non crafter to set up and helped me learn in the process how to craft and what was meant by the different stages. Then in a couple weeks pcgametools came up with the deluxe edition which is like the next revolution with all the bells and whistles.

It makes crafting simple and fun without the constant button pushing and having to watch like a Hawk. After I sent an email in appreciation to Pcgametools and they asked if I had time to write a review for other people to view. Well the description is all there @ the website and I just explained how ez and well I found the tool, and I am not like so many of the reviews on websites for products employed by pcgametools, I am just a regular gamer that thinks this product is an awesome program to help relieve the tension of crafting repetitiveness.-

OHH and as for pcgametools you wanted to know if I had time to write this review? Yep cause I have my crafting assistant on now and check back in with it going as I wrote this ;-P To everyone else reading this,

See you Online

Absolutely the most amazing tool out there bar none! I've tried them all and this one does everything you need. Easiest to use. Fastest setup. Best customer support! WHO

The crafting assistant is awesome. I was a little discouraged at first cuz my pointer was goin' crazy but after I read the Help file it made everything all better. This program is great so dont get discouraged like I did and read the Help file step by step before you start. Keep up the good work guys! Weldius

t doesn't get any better than this for crafters! This tool is freakin' awesome and does everything you'd want it to (and some timesavers that I wouldn't have imagined!).

It's easy to setup and very straight forward to use. Just put what you want to craft in your hotbar, tell it how many you want to make and in what quality, and turn it loose. What's great about it is that you can still do your own buffs in addition to the tool, so if you're working on something that requires a certain quality level (like crafting writs!) and you see your quality is going down, you can hit a durability buff or two and let Crafting Assistant take care of the progress buffs. Or you can let Crafting Assistant handle it all and you don't have to do anything at all. My wrists can't thank Doc and the devs enough! Dan

Great tool, lets you craft while you chat with friends w/o worrying about your combines. Matt

Druid Assistant for Everquest 2

Honestly Love it. Wasnt to sure if i wanted to buy the program without seeing some kinda feedback on the site.. but i dont regret it one bit :) Now my G/F can keep up with me without worry. Thanks alot guys looking forward to newer and better things. Envision

The druid Assistant is a great tool. I thought I was a pretty good clicker for the heals, but your nifty program has me a step ahead of the game now. I actually have time now to have a sip of that soda because I know I'll get the heal out in time. :) Thanks for the good work. AJS

Shaman Assistant for Everquest 2

I love this program!!!!!!!!-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-!!!!!!! Nick

Fishing Assistant for World of Warcraft

This product works very well with minimal coinfiguration. It is adaptable for different areas you might be fishing in and the retailers give excellent support from there forums with quick response times. I was leary to purchase something lik this over the internet but they use paypal and everything seems to be pretty good. I would definately recommend this to a friend who was sick of leveling al there alternate characters in fishing. Michael

The Heal Assistant

Been using the heal assistant & craft bot on EQ2 for a long time & couldnt live without them, fingers crossed it will be so smooth on WAR. Also, your support/help has always been absolutely brilliant, way faster, better, than SoE or IGE lol. Rob

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