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Chef Assistant for Cafe World v2.0
By Doc - 5/20/2010 Today we released version 2.0 of the Chef Assistant for Cafe World. It has far to many features and improvements to cover here so we ask you to download the demo and check it out. A main feature is that it adds Gourmet Mode which can sit in the task tray and wait until your computer is idle for 10 minutes, then log in and refresh all of your stoves and log back out.

Facebook Private Members Group
By Natasha - 4/10/2010 Today we created an exclusive private members group today for PC Game Tools! While our fan page will still exist for the benefit of surfers,

Farm Assistant for LotRO
By Natasha - 4/5/2010 We are happy to introduce our latest tool: The Farm Assistant for LotRO (Lord of the Rings Online)! This little tool saves you from the monotony and wrist strain of farming the many crops needed to level, and to make the valuable food for you and your friends.

Spring Stimulus Sale!
By Natasha - 3/15/2010 It's been a cold winter, but spring is almost here! In celebration we've discounted several of our products for a limited time.

Chef Assistant for Cafe World
By Natasha - 3/15/2010 Today we are launching our newest product: The Chef Assistant for Cafe World! Cafe World is a fun game on Facebook, but requires a lot of clicking.

By Natasha - 2/22/2010 PC Game Tools is now on Facebook. We are just getting started on the page, but invite all who are interested to join.

Control Assistant 5.03
By Doc - 12/4/2009 The Control Assistant 5.03 fixes a small bug where the Start / Stop combat visual triggers will now correctly notify pearl link as well as the log file when activated.

Boxin Assistant 5.03
By Doc - 12/4/2009 Today we released the Boxin Assistant 5.03 which fixes a couple of small issues and adds a new Emergency Mode for when your health or power drops to critical levels.

The Control Assistant 5.0 is here!
By Doc - 8/20/2009 Today we release the Control Assistant 5.0. It has many new features that we think you will like including Mini Macros, Pearl Link Auto Connect, Color Variance controls and a Master Loot function!

The Boxin Assistant 5.0 is here!
By Doc - 8/20/2009 Today we release the Boxin' Assistant 5.0. It has many new features and a few bug fixes as well. It now has context sensitive help for all controls, Mini Macros where you can write your own actions, Auto Connect and more!

Evaluation system changed.
By Doc - 8/20/2009 We are making changes to the product evaluation system. Used to you could only demo an item once. We have changed it now where you can only demo a version once. So if you tried the Boxin Assistant 4.0 demo you can still try the Boxin Assistant 5.0 demo as well. And then 5.1 ect...

Downtime this weekend
By Natasha - 6/29/2009 We apologize for the downtime on the website this past weekend.

The Boxin Assistant 4.0 is here!
By Doc - 6/4/2009 We released our 4rth generation two boxing tool today. The Boxin' Assistant 4.0. It has many new enhancements.

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