Boxin and Control 7.0 in testing | Cleric Assistant for Rift

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Date: 10/28/2011 10:38 am
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PC Game Tools News - 10/28/2011
The Boxin and Control Assistant 7.0 is now in testing:

We have completed all the new features in the Control and Boxin Assistant 7.0 and are testing it out. When we are satisfied that we have all the bugs out we will release it. It is close. We have been doing some raid zones with it alone and I have to say it is looking good.
* The new image searching is working great for cures, very fast. You can add the location found as a variable in your mini macros to click ect...
* The new heal system sets up in 2 minutes, is faster, and you still have all the functionality of the original.
* Per request we added unlimited hot keys to the Control Assistant now. You can specify how many keys you want to use whether 5 or 50.

Also we are happy to introduce the Cleric Assistant for Rift:

This is a port of our new heal tool to Rift. Each port we do is little different, some support inactive windows, some do not, some use different methods of sending keys and delays, but the functionality is the same. We have been pretty happy with the design and use it ourselves when we just want to jump in game with some alts and go. For our main group we use the Control / Boxin Assistant, but for simple multi-boxing in Rift this tool is great and sets up in minutes.

This is a simple, fast, multi boxing tool that can run on its own PC and link to a Control Assistant, or on the same PC and control a background window.  It is also really easy to use and a typical user can set it up in under 3 minutes. It features our new heal system that auto calibrates health bars and can watch a foreground window and send heal keys to a background window.  It can also send combat actions in the background.  This is the perfect companion for 2 boxing a cleric in Rift.  Though it is the Cleric Assistant you could box any other class with it just as easily.

Operating modes: The Cleric Assistant has 2 operating modes:

It can run on a second computer as a stand alone tool:
* It can watch your groups health bars and heal everyone as needed.
* Buff timers will automatically recast your buffs when needed.
* Also, you can link directly to a Control Assistant and it will help you in combat.
* You can send commands over Pearl Link (  a private network connection between the Control Assistant and the Cleric Assistant ) directly to the tool to follow you, wait here, summon mount, take quests, start and stop combat, rebuff group, and so much more.
If running the cleric assistant on a second PC be sure to try the Control Assistant demo.  They work great together.

It can run on your main computer and send all keys to a background window:
* If you run 2 accounts on the same computer the cleric assistant can watch the health bars on your top game window and send all keys to an inactive background window.  F1 and F2 keys are automatically swapped in this case.  
* You can map keys so when you press "this" it sends "that" to the inactive window. Map a key to follow, wait here, and they will be sent to the background window.
* You can start / stop combat and the cleric assistant will perform the combat actions you set up in the background window without interfering with your top game window.
* It can automatically recast your buffs in the background as needed.
* Easy to set up, intelligent heal system that should work with any user interface even if you have changed to a custom ui.  You simply choose the health bar for the player.
* You set up a few heals and the threshold that you want to cast them at and the tool configures the rest for you.
* If players leave the group, or die, or you zone, or the health bar is covered by a window, that heal will automatically be skipped.
* It automatically calculates which heal to cast, and when,  for you.
* Automatic group heal, just set the key and how many players need to be hurt.
* 5 Minute setup: You can be healing and buffing an entire group in a matter of minutes.
* Inactive window controls:  so you can control a background window.
* Buff timers:  to recast all your buffs as needed.
* Battle actions: to help you in combat.
* Pearl Link: network support so you can link to our other tools through a private network connection.
* Image Variance Controls: You can tweak the accuracy of the color matching features to cope with color variance and locations.
* Totally stand-alone tool that depends on nothing outside of itself. Nothing else to install. The tool is not dependent on any game and their patches will not affect it. It is simply a "Screen Reader". It reads colors (that you setup) and sends the keys (that you set up) accordingly at the time you specify and tries to do it all in an intelligent way.
* Extremely versatile. No color settings or locations are hard written into the program. You can tweak every detail of where to check, what to check for and specify the reactions. It is extremely detailed and customizable.
* Small unobtrusive interface that keeps you updated on exactly what the tool is doing at that particular moment at a glance CTRL+Right click to move..
* Customizable Window Title: The window can be named anything that you like.
* An update check feature to allow you to check and see if you have the latest version of the tool and download a newer one if needed.

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