The Twist Assistant v1.07

User: Doc
Date: 6/10/2010 12:02 pm
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Just uploaded 1.07 of The Twist Assistant. It has a few tweaks and adds a couple of new features as well.  We also created a demo of it you can find on the downloads page.

  • Context sensitive help now through out the interface.
  • Added a new "On Start" command as well as "On Stop".
  • Customizable hot keys to start and stop twisting.
  • Now saves last window location instead of placing them where ever it wants. Wink

We really like this little tool and have probably used it more hours than any other tool we have written. A lot of the times during gaming I just need to spam 1,2,3 for an hour and mindlessly grind  and this does that just perfectly while saving me from the wrist strain... Kiss

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