Tool updates: Skill Assistant, Minstrel Assistant, and 1 new one.

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Date: 10/7/2011 4:13 pm
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It has been a busy week here at pcgametools.  We have a couple of tool updates and introduce a new healing tool for Everquest.

Tool updates: 

  • v1.07 of the Skill Assistant fixes a bug with recast times that were not being reset properly.
  • v1.11 of the Minstrel Assistant for LOTRO fixes some typos in the tool tips and help file.


New tool:  The Cleric Assistant for EQ

Everquest was such a ground breaking game. It was the original 3D MMORPG. It created the word "Hard Core" where death was to be avoided at all cost. One time I camped out, shut off my monitor and went to bed. My character did not log out properly and he got into a death loop where a mob would kill him, he would respawn, and the mob would kill him again.  He lost 15 levels before I found out! 

The game world is so vast and there is so much to do, but it can be a long wait to get a group there. Sometimes, you need a healer to tag along and they are rare as gold. The Cleric Assistant for EQ was made for 2 boxing a Cleric healer along with your main character.  This tool can become your most trusted companion who is always there, always watching your health, and never AFK.  Though it was written for a Cleric you could easily box a wizard, ranger, shaman or any other class with ease.  The Cleric Assistant works equally well in Everquest 1 and Everquest 2.  It is a “lite” Boxin Assistant tweaked for EQ.

What we are working on:   

There is a new Control / Boxin Assistant version in the works.  v7.0.  This will add image searching so you can search the screen for an image and click it, or send a mini macro using the location found.  Also there is a new simplified heal settings window with auto calibrate.  You can have an entire group setup in a couple of minutes. The detailed heal window is still there if you want. Just click “Advanced”.  Plus many other tweaks and changes.

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