Ultimate Crafting Assistant for EQII v3.01

User: Doc
Date: 6/2/2010 12:54 pm
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Today we released the Ultimate Crafting Assistant for EQII v3.01. It adds several new features including support for custom user interfaces and an expanding recipe window.

  • NEW in 3.01! Now supports custom user interfaces like profit. Each setting can now be set manually with controls to tweak variance and location.  ~ feature request
  • NEW in 3.01!   Added context sensitive help throughout the interface to explain in detail what each control does if you hover your mouse over it.
  • NEW in 3.01! Revamped the recipe window to show any number of recipes. It now expands as needed. Choose 5 recipes or 50 and it expands to fit them.
  • NEW in 3.01! Added a Uncheck all button to the recipe window to uncheck all the recipes at once. ~ feature request
  • NEW in 3.01! Windows now save their last location when opened instead of opening in the most annoying place possible...  ~ feature request  Undecided
  • NEW in 3.01! Added a menu to the monitor window for quick access to settings.  ~ feature request
  • NEW in 3.01! Now checks to see if you are moving the mouse and will wait for you to stop.  This way you can take control and click things and when you stop it will resume.  ~ feature request
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