Ultimate Crafting Assistant for EQII v4.01

User: Doc
Date: 6/15/2011 1:32 pm
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This is the 6th year anniversary of the Ultimate Crafting Assistant for EQII. Version 4.01 brings an entirely new look and interface revamp to a polished tool. It is smaller, faster and better looking.

  • We did a complete overhaul of the interface making it more like the rest of our tools. Everything is now controlled from the small monitor window on the title bar. 
  • All new windows for settings, buffs, custom ui's, notepad and profiles.
  • Added a new Backup and Restore feature so you can backup all your settings periodically.
  • Added a new camp command so you can set it to anything that you like.
  • Added a new Import feature so if you want to tweak your settings you can just run Auto Calibrate, then Import, and it will copy all the settings into the custom user interface settings. There you can tweak them individually as you like. So if you want it to counter durability sooner, or later than it does by default, you can just set it where you like. It is much easier than previously and you can be running with custom ui settings in 30 seconds.
  • A much improved notepad that saves all your notes to the current profile and auto loads them with it. Your tailor can have their notes and your armorsmith their own notes. 
  • You can now right click the monitor window and drag it to where you want it to be. And it will save its location.
  • Smaller, faster and better looking. There have been many tweaks to this release on it's 6th year anniversary. Too many other small tweaks to list... Be sure to try the demo at http://www.pcgametools.com/downloads  Wink

As always, if you find any bugs with this release please tell us so we can fix them. If it annoys you it would probably annoy us as well the next time we go to use it, so let us know!

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