Ultimate Crafting Assistant for EQII v5.0

User: Doc
Date: 12/6/2011 9:40 am
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Ultimate Crafting Assistant for EQII v5.0
Today we released the new version of the Ultimate Crafting Assistant for EQII. It has many fixes and changes that should improve it for everyone. Most of the changes were internal with only a couple of changes on the interface this time. You should be able to install this version right over the old one and save all of your settings. But you will need to run auto calibrate again. Here are some highlights:

  • Works fine with desktop composition enabled now under windows vista / 7 / x64. Turns out it was not the UCA freezing up but dwm.exe ( Desktop Window Manager ) refusing to give the UCA the colors it asked for. Kill dwm.exe and the UCA would spring back to life. We tweaked the asking process to work around this.
  • Added checks to see when we are actually crafting and when we are not. When it detects it is not crafting it will try to intelligently decide what to do next, whether to move on to the next item, the next recipe, or to complete and camp.
  • Added support for custom event icons (there are some included in the install folder). The event icons that come with the game can be hard to tell apart. The UCA compares these icons and tries to find the best match when countering an event. It does a pretty good job but if countering events is really important to you, take a look at using custom crafting icons. These solid color icons are much easier to distinguish and can greatly improve event countering when using crafts like wood working. Instead of comparing the icons the UCA can do a simple color check, counter the event and move on. This greatly improves speed and countering accuracy. 
  • Better buff / Event balancing. The UCA should now counter an event, send progress buffs, or durability buffs, but never try and do both at the same time.
  • Profiles now display on loading and when you change the profile the UCA will automatically reload for you.
  • Expanded the profile window to show all the profiles at once when selecting one.
  • Added "Resume" so you can start crafting an item by hand and then start the UCA and it will take over for you. Good when you want to craft a couple of items but do not want to set up recipes.
  • Camp when complete should no longer check itself randomly.  Tongue out
  • Added a reset button to the Accuracy / Focus sliders to set them back to default values.
  • Added customizable start / stop hot key settings.
  • Instant mouse clicking so there is no dragging the screen  when there is lag.
  • Many other tweaks, fixes and changes to improve response and reliability.


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