v7.0 of the Control and Boxin Assistant.

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Date: 11/18/2011 3:03 pm
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The Control and Boxin Assistant 7.0 is finally here. Key features are a new heal system, image searching, expandable hot keys, instant mouse clicking, and speed.

There were many small changes and tweaks that are not mentioned but this should cover the major changes. These changes took place while 6 boxing a group over the last 7 months or so and a lot of it was just polishing and making things work seamlessly. Though there have been a few changes that were requested and several new features.

Some of the main changes are:

  • A new basic heal system in the Boxin Assistant that is much easier to configure. You can now be healing a group in a couple of minutes and still import up to 18 heals into the Advanced settings to tweak as you like.
  • Image searching in Visual Triggers can now search for an image on the screen and click it and you can use the .x.y location of the found image in your mini macros as a variable.
  • Expandable hot key window in the Control Assistant, so you can now have 5 hot keys or 50. The limit is how many will fit on your screen.
  • Many tweaks to make things faster and get more DPS from rogues and mages. Setting battle cast times to 0/0 is really fast now.
  • Mouse clicking uses a new system now and should no longer drag the screen in some games. It instantly clicks the spot as needed.

Change log over the last few months:

  • Fixes an issue with the Pearl Link Server indication not updating properly.
  • Adds image searching to visual triggers as well as color matching. The X and Y location found are variables and can be used in your mini macros. So you can use <.L.1.X.Y> to left click the image found. Image searching can be CPU intensive. Use a small a search area as possible for speed. Capturing an image under vista / 7 takes a few seconds. On XP it is instant. Same code, different behavior... Searching works fine.
  • Fixes an issue with the group heal recast time being ignored.
  • Adds a new simple heal interface with an Advanced window option. Much easier to calibrate heals now.
  • Lets you import basic heal settings into Advanced mode and sets them up for you.
  • Added option to disable the pause on combat start. This should help DPS a lot in some short fights.
  • Sped up heal calibrations.
  • Tweaks the mouse clicking and mouse movements. It no longer drags the screen in some games and is instant clicking. Much faster mouse performance.
  • Visual triggers now correctly apply settings when calibrated with out reloading.
  • Profiles show on the menu now so you can see which you are using at a glance.
  • Fixed some typos in the splash windows.
  • Better image handling and searching. It now searches a smaller area that you calibrate. This makes it faster and less strain on the computer.
  • Minor tweaks to the Pearl Link Auto Connect on both.
  • Boxin should gracefully exit if it cannot connect to pearl link and restart.
  • Boxin should normally exit without error on user exit.
  • The control now displays Pearl Link incoming connection count properly.
  • Fixed the group heal recast from chain casting in advanced heal mode.
  • Set the Basic heal mode to use Group Targeting.
  • Most windows save their last location when clicking save.
  • Adds health bar colors to basic heal window so you can see what was calibrated.
  • Moved the group slider to the heal settings window instead of the tool settings window.
  • Expanded profile menu to show more profiles at a time. This should help selecting a profile when you have a dozen to choose from Wink
  • This tweaks the basic heal import a bit. Heal skips were to aggressive.
  • Made the Control Assistant hotkey window expand to as many hotkeys as you want. 5 0r 50.
  • Adds profile splash on loading and smoothes out changing profiles.
  • When changing profiles it will automatically reload.
  • Adds a check box and checks to read the log file or not. If the box is not checked the log file will not be read. Should be faster.
  • Several small tweaks to help text and such.
  • Removed the forward hotkey to game from the hot key window as it is deprecated.
  • Fixes an issue with 0 cast times being the last cast time instead of 0. Should be much faster when using 0 cast times in battle settings.


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