Everquest I Tools::  These tools were written for the original Everquest.

The Cleric Assistant for Everquest - v.1.10

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EQ Cleric Assistant - Multi Box your cleric painlessly

Price:  $24.95

Runs on any PC: The Cleric Assistant for EQ is a program we wrote for 2-boxing a cleric in Everquest. It works equally well in EQ1 and EQ2. This tool combines several great features into a very simple, fast, multiboxing tool that can run on its own PC and link to a Control Assistant. It is a "lite" Boxin Assistant. It is also really easy to use and a typical user can set it up in under 3 minutes. It features a heal system that auto calibrates your health bars, even custom user interfaces.  If someone dies or leaves the group it just skips them and when they are back it resumes. This is the perfect companion for 2-boxing a cleric, shaman, wizard or any other class in Everquest 1 or 2.  Though it is the Cleric Assistant for Everquest you could easily multi-box a mage, rogue, tank or any other class with it in EQ1 or EQ2 just as easily.
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