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The Chef Assistant for Cafe World - v.2.0

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Chef Assistant for Cafe World Running Monitor

Price:  $14.95

Today we are proud to introduce the Chef Assistant for Cafe World. For those not familiar, Cafe World is one of the games offered on Facebook. We have found it to be a fun and addictive pastime. It did not take long, however, to learn that there is a LOT of time consuming clicking required to level up. Even worse, just buying a chair can cost 25,000 gold each!  There is no way our wrists could take all of that so here is The Chef Assistant for Cafe World on Facebook.

This tool was written to help you perform the tedious tasks of leveling and making cash in Cafe World. Once setup, this simple tool will watch your stoves for you and serve your food when it becomes ready, then restart the recipe and do it again. If it loses connection it can restart the game and continue cooking for you. It is not a hack or a cheat but simply searches your screen for image matches and reacts just as you would. It can wait until your computer has been idle for 10 minutes and then log in and start cooking for you. We are pretty proud of this one and it has become a real work horse for auto cooking in Cafe World.  On one of our test computers here we had it cook over 180 hours straight without intervention or being stopped, restarting itself each time it lost connection.

Like anything else if you do not know what you have you can't get much use out of it, so let's cover some features.

Here are some of the features you have available in this tool:


  • Setup Wizard: We have included setup wizards to help you get started. Simply answer a few questions and you will be cooking in minutes.

  • Fast food Mode: With fast food mode the Chef Assistant will stay logged into the game and grind out meal after meal for you as fast as it can. This is really nice for fast xp and cash with cheese burgers or hot dogs which cook in 5 minutes.

  • Gourmet Mode: With Gourmet Mode the Chef Assistant will treat each stove separately. It can wait until your computer is idle and then log in and check your recipes.  The start times are written to a file so even if you reboot the computer it will still know when a recipe has completed and can log in and serve it for you, then restart a fresh batch. Or it can be used along with fast food mode to cook a variety of foods with different cook times. Great for when you need to go to work! The Chef Assistant can cook all day for you while you are gone.

  • Fully customizable stoves: You can use as many, or as few stoves as you want. The Chef Assistant asks you to choose the stoves you want to use and will use those. This allows you to set 5 stoves to grind fast food on and still have your other stoves for gourmet or cooking things by hand.

  • Precision timed cooking: Each stove is timed from when the recipe is started so it knows when it has completed and will automatically serve it, then start another batch.

  • Intelligent popup management: Fully customizable popup handlers. Just choose how many you want to use. You can have 5 or 25 as the window just expands as you need to add more.  Automatically close those nag screens when they appear and continue.

  • HTML clipboard
  • Automatically Restart Game: We found while playing that we were getting disconnected constantly, our food would spoil and our buzz would go to 0.  It was really annoying.  So we integrated an auto restart feature to detect when it was disconnected and instantly restart the game.

  • Restart by hot key: You can restart the game by pressing one hot key. 

  • Restart if I do not see this image: It can search the screen for an image and it cannot find it restart the game. This is great to be sure that you are actually connected 

  • Wait until idle:  It can wait until the computer has been idle for x amount of minutes and then log in and check your recipes for you and afterwards log out.

  • Task tray monitor:  It can watch from the task tray, unobtrusively and refresh your recipes when needed when you are not using your computer.

  • Logging: It can log all actions to a log file for you to review later and see what it has done.

  • Image Variance Controls: You can tweak the accuracy of the image matching features to cope with color variance and locations.

  • Totally stand-alone tool that depends on nothing outside of itself. Nothing else to install. The tool is not dependent on any game and their patches will not affect it. It is simply a "Screen Reader". It reads colors (that you setup) and sends the keys (that you set up) accordingly at the time you specify and tries to do it all in an intelligent way.

  • Extremely versatile. No color settings or locations are hard written into the program. You can tweak every detail of where to check, what to check for and specify the reactions. It is extremely detailed and customizable and auto adjusts it self to your screen.

  • Small unobtrusive interface that keeps you updated on exactly what the tool is doing at that particular moment at a glance CTRL+Right click to move..  Can also run from the task bar with no monitor window at all.

  • Customizable Window Title: The window can be named anything that you like.

  • An update check feature to allow you to check and see if you have the latest version of the tool and download a newer one if needed.

Here are some screen shots while running under windows 7:

Cafe world bot

Cafe world auto cooking

Cafe world - How to cook while at work

Cafe world cooking bot

Cafe World macro for cooking

Facebook cafe world cooking bot

Facebook Cafe World Auto Cooking Bot - Free Demo!

Downloads, Upgrades & Support:

When you purchase a tool you have free upgrades, support and downloads for one year. You get to keep the tool, of course. It's yours and will continue to work indefinitely. We do not shut it off. You should back up your serial numbers and downloads within the year's time. 

After the first year, you can purchase extended support for as low as $10 for 90 days. Any support purchase covers all your items, including all previous purchases. Alternatively, any time you purchase a new tool, the support term is automatically extended to one year from the date of that purchase for every tool you own on that day. For example, you purchased a Boxin' and Control Assistant three years ago, then buy a Twist Assistant today, all three tools would be extended to one year from the day you bought the Twist Assistant. This same plan also allows you to upgrade all tools that you have purchased for as little as $10 for a 3-month plan, or you can keep up with all your upgrades for a year at a discounted price. 

We tried to make the plans as generous as possible, while still making it worthwhile to maintain the tools on an ongoing basis. The support plans help us offset the cost of maintaining the tools, reactivating game accounts after a patch, and maintaining the website here year after year. We appreciate the continued support of all our loyal customers!

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