The Combat Assistant - v.2.0

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Price:  $24.95

Compatible with Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista and 7

PC Game Tools proudly presents The Combat Assistant, our fighter macro made to work with any* MMORPG! This tool is designed for controlling a fighting class character on a 2nd computer. It works great with wizards, mages, hunters, heck we have even used it on paladins. This tool will take your fighting character, assist you on your main character and fight along with you so you can "2 box" (or 3) and play 2 characters effectively at the same time on separate PCs. This tool will not hunt by itself FOR you... it is not a "hunting bot" or "auto-killer". It will merely help you fight what ever you are already fighting and make controlling a character on a 2nd pc as simple as clicking start.  Speaking for myself this tool is one of the finest we have released and we use it ourselves in several games. I highly recommend trying the demo if you two-box at all. This tool was built as companion to the Universal Heal Assistant. It works great with Everquest, Everquest II and World of Warcraft just to name a few.

We recognize that, like ourselves, many players bounce from game to game, or even play multiple games simultaneously. This tool was made to be versatile enough to work with any interface, has room for unlimited profiles so you can customize each character in every game and save those settings, 10 fully-customizable battle with 12 buff settings, configuration back up and restore and much more! We invite you to review our full list of features and screenshots below.

This little monitor is all you have to see once the tool is running. It tells you everything the tool is doing without blocking your screen. This is the entire tool!

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  • Completely stand-alone. This tools runs completely on its own with nothing else to install. The tool is not dependant on any game and their patches will not affect it. It is simply a "Screen Reader". It reads colors (that you setup) and sends the keys (that you set up) accordingly at the times you set.
  • Extremely versatile. No color settings or locations are hard written into the program. You can tweak every detail of where to check, what to check for and specify the reactions all made easy by a simple click of the calibration helper. You merely place your mouse at a spot and press a key. Simple to use  even though there are over 300 user settings saved per user profile.
  • Compatible with any interface. The Universal Combat Assistant works with any health bar setup or any custom "UI's" as you set every location and color yourself. This tool works best in "windowed" mode.
  • Small, unobtrusive monitor window to keep you updated on what the tool is doing at that particular moment at a glance.
  • Pause Command function for those times when you need to take over for emergencies or just to stop and chat.
  • Backup and Restore features to make a backup of your configuration settings in case something goes wrong. You can simply restore all your settings from a previous date with a click.
  • A Detailed Windows Help File explaining each and every feature of the tool in depth.

10 fully-customizable combat settings. You can specify every detail of them, whether it is a command or key press, what to cast or do, how long it takes to do it and how long before we do it again.

2 Emergency Battle Settings for when you run out of power.

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  • 12 customizable buff timers. Again you can specify who to cast them on, when to recast them and enable or disable them as needed.
  • Buff Power Threshold. If you enable this setting, the tool will not buff if the healer is below the power level you designate, but will continue after your power replenishes enough to buff again.

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  • Visual triggers to assist you in battle or stop combat if low on health or power. Game has no log file? No problem. Start and stop combat by just watching the screen for changes. Set it to wait till the mob is hurt before joining the battle or stop fighting if they get to low on mana.
  • Emergency power settings that will go into effect when their power drops below the threshold that you set. Have them do anything you like. Drink a potion, use a spell, sit down.

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  • Log File Triggers that you can specify as needed. Watch for text in your log file like EVAC! and send the appropriate command or 3.

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  • Unlimited Profiles. Profile management that allows you to have an unlimited number of characters saved in the tool. Load any one of them on the fly. Change from game to game.

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Downloads, Upgrades & Support:

When you purchase a tool you have free upgrades, support and downloads for one year. You get to keep the tool, of course. It's yours and will continue to work indefinitely. We do not shut it off. You should back up your serial numbers and downloads within the year's time. 

After the first year, you can purchase extended support for as low as $10 for 90 days. Any support purchase covers all your items, including all previous purchases. Alternatively, any time you purchase a new tool, the support term is automatically extended to one year from the date of that purchase for every tool you own on that day. For example, you purchased a Boxin' and Control Assistant three years ago, then buy a Twist Assistant today, all three tools would be extended to one year from the day you bought the Twist Assistant. This same plan also allows you to upgrade all tools that you have purchased for as little as $10 for a 3-month plan, or you can keep up with all your upgrades for a year at a discounted price. 

We tried to make the plans as generous as possible, while still making it worthwhile to maintain the tools on an ongoing basis. The support plans help us offset the cost of maintaining the tools, reactivating game accounts after a patch, and maintaining the website here year after year. We appreciate the continued support of all our loyal customers!

Disclaimer: On this website we mention many games from many companies that we respect and have played ourselves. We are not a part of or affiliated with any of these games in any way nor do we claim to be. All their information and names belong to them and we are happy that they write such great games for us to enjoy! Legal Notices