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Boxin' and Control Assistant Beginners' Guide Multi-Boxing WoW, LotRO, EQ, EQ2, VG, SWG, DAoC

Compatible with Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista and 7 (x32 and x64)

PC Game Tools is proud to introduce the Control Assistant! This program was written to control multiple characters in World of Warcraft, Everquest 1, Everquest 2, Vanguard, Lord of the Rings, Warhammer, SWG, DAoC and more. Commonly called "2 Boxing".  It is a command center for all of your multiboxing needs. Also this tool was written to help you accomplish repetitive tasks and to keep from wearing your wrists and fingers out while playing today's games. The games can be a lot of fun but your joints will be used long after you have quit playing it so you should take care of them.  The Control Assistant can directly control The Boxin Assistant through a network connection. This allows you to run an entire group quickly and efficiently from your keyboard. It also supports "Mini Macros" that allow you to string together commands, clicks, and random pauses, into a single command that can be sent to your game, or across the network to a Boxin Assistant, or several. or both.  Tell your entire group to kill, to loot, to follow, to take a quest, to wait here ect... With The Control Assistant, and The Boxin Assistant linked together, you have an incredible force for multiboxing.

It has numerous functions that are listed below, but primarily we were looking to make a tool that could ease all the repetitive tasks we do on our main character and tell our other characters what to do while we just concentrate on playing. We still play our main characters, but the Control Assistant helps run through all our heals, combat styles, recasts our DoTs on time, etc. without having to mash buttons constantly and gives us the luxury of running out of the room for a bit or talking to our spouse without having our character stop ;).

The other main function of the Control Assistant is that it is a "remote control" for our other "Boxes" by sending commands to our boxing tools (Heal, Combat, Boxin' Assistants and some others). The commands you send work through the log file functionality or a direct network connection. Unfortunately, many of today's games do not support real time log files anymore, so this tool bypasses that problem and lets you send commands directly from the Control Assistant to your boxing tool via a shared network file or even through our Pearl Link network system. Another important feature we have added by request is the ability to control a second character that is running the same computer via this tool (be sure to try the demo if you want to do this, as it may not work with every game). The Control Assistant has greatly enhanced our gaming; we hope it does for you as well! With the new Mini Macro system you can tweak the tool to do about anything you can by hand. Repeat keys, hold down keys, click the mouse a few times, take quests, ect... They can also be sent over Pearl Link directly to the Boxin Assistants.

A typical setup:  I  pull a mob and hit it. The Control Assistant sees that I am in combat and takes over seamlessly using my battle settings, slowing, dotting and healing the group as needed. It also tells my other boxes to join me in combat. After the mob is dead The Control Assistant tells the others to stop and goes into standby waiting on me to pull another mob. It can loot and click boxes if needed. All the while watching my buffs in case they need to be recast. So when grinding for hours this tool saves an incredible amount of clicking by automating all the repetitive tasks for you. I am still at the keyboard, I am pulling the mobs, but I do not have to worry about the endless pressing 1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3 all day when grinding and it controls the group for me.

Power Leveling: A favorite pasttime of ours is running around with a newbie group while a higher level healer buffs and heals us.  This is sometimes difficult by them being outside the group. Not anymore! You can use the control assistant to watch your groups health bars in the group and tell a higher level healer "outside" your group (Running the Heal or Boxin Assistant) who needs healing. So you can play the fun classes and never worry about heals or buffs at all. Just press start and the whole group has a dedicated healer who never goes afk. Fun!

2 Box multiple characters on the same PC: With the inactive window controls you can 2 box up to 5 characters on the same PC. Control 5 WoW characters on the same computer! Works nice with Vanguard too, but who can run it... This feature is not working with EQ2 so if you plan to use this please download the demo and give it a test first.

This tool was designed with remote control in mind. Most all the features can control our other programs. Lets cover some of the tools abilities so you can get an idea of what is available.

New in the 7.0 release:

  • Multi Boxing Tools for MMORPGS Image Searching: is now available in visual triggers. You can search for an image on the screen and click it or use the .x.y location the image was found in your mini macros as a variable.

  • Multi Boxing Rift Expandable hot key window that grows as you need it. You can choose 5 hot keys or 50.

  • How to 2 Box Rift Faster battle system that should give higher DPS numbers. You can set battle actions to 0 cast / 0 recast and uncheck Fill Queue to send keys as fast as possible.

  • How to 2 box in World of Warcraft Profiles now display on the menu and when you choose another profile it will automatically reload.

  • How to Multi Box Everquest Better pearl link handling, connection counting, graceful restarting and more.

  • How to 2 box Age of Conan Many more updated features and fixes that should make your over all experience smoother. This release has been polished from months of 6 boxing a group.


  • Mini Macros!:  Mini Macros are an embedded scripting language. All command and target boxes that would normally take a key press like 1 can also use a Mini Macro. These are really powerful and allow you to write your own function for every action. You can send multiple key presses, random pauses, hold down keys, type commands, repeat keys several times, shift click the mouse, for each action...  Mini macros can be sent to your game window and across the Pearl Link connection directly to the Boxin Assistant. So you can bind one key to a Mini Macro and have your whole group click the screen, back up, wait a random time, take a quest ect...  Change from dual wield to a shield. Load a different spell set... Even keys stringed together like: "hutk2". Only your imagination limits you. Send different commands to each Boxin Assistant connected.

  • A Mini Macro Builder:  is integrated into the tool now. This window allows you to construct your own Mini Macro to do whatever you want and simplifies creating complex macros. When complete you just click copy and paste it into your action box.

  • On Battle Start and Stop:  The battle window has been revamped and at the bottom of the window there is now on Battle Start and on Battle Stop commands. These commands can contain a Mini Macro and are sent at the beginning and ending of battle. We have found them greatly helpful. For instance you can have a bow class take a few steps back at the start of battle. Then at the end of the fight target, follow you and loot. When Boxin several characters add a random pause on Battle Start so they all start combat at different times.

  • Color Check Variance Controls: These new control's located in tool settings adjusts the color sensitivity and search area of all color checks in the tool. If heals are being triggered to often due to slight variances in the health bar color or location you can increase these to fix it.

  • Context Sensitive Tips: All controls now have tool tips that explain what they do and what you should enter into them.

  • Rebuff Group Command: There is a new control at the bottom of the Buff window that allows you to recast all the buffs and tell your Boxin Assistants to all rebuff as well.  Really handy after a group wipe.

  • Auto Start Pearl Link: You can now auto start Pearl Link. When checked the Control Assistant will auto start the server and the Boxin Assistants will auto connect. So just open the Control Assistant and then the Boxin Assistants and they will auto link. Just open them and start hunting.

  • Master Loot Controls: We added a Master Loot Control window that allows you to assign one hot key for looting. You can send a Mini Macro to your game, text to the log file, and a Mini Macro over Pearl Link with the one key press. So press one key and your whole group can loot. We find this so helpful these days with all the collection quests we have do when boxing several characters. You will not want to play without this once you try it!


  • 20 Battle Actions with fully customizable color checks, cast times and recast times. 5 for melee with no power checks made and 15 that have to pass the power threshold to be cast.

  • 24 Single Target Buffs that have fully customizable target, cast and recast settings.

  • 8 Buff Sets. These can cast a buff on 9 targets or can be reversed to cast 8 buffs on 1 target. Great for easing the strain of buffing full groups. Press 1 key and cast 96 buffs!

  • 20 Visual Triggers with Image Searching that can watch the screen and and send a key, click the mouse or both along with cast and recast times. They can be used for healing your group, cures, or simply camping and clicking something.

  • NEW! Pearl Link Network System: allows you to link to the boxin assistant and send keys directly to their screen without a log file. Send different commands to each Boxin Assistant with the same keypress with the new Boxin ID system.

  • Remote Log File Writing: Most games today avoid active log files and it makes boxing more difficult. The Control Assistant can write your own log file to control other machines in real time and privately. Most all actions can be logged so your Boxin' Assistant, Heal Assistant and Combat Assistant can be controlled through your network.

  • Inactive Window Controls. You can send keys to an inactive game window which can help you 2 box on the same machine. Play one window and send keys to the other as well. * Note: This feature does not work in all games due to the way they handle input! You can test your settings with notepad though, which always works. Please try the demo if you plan to use it for this!

  • Priority System: All actions in The Control Assistant have a "priority" attached to them. This allows the tool to make intelligent decisions on what needs to be done next. The Control Assistant simulates multi-tasking by constantly scanning the screen for something that needs to be done and then adding it into a queue. The queue constantly runs executing the highest priority item. The priority system runs from 1 to 100 with 100 being a top priority or emergency and 1 as least important.

  • User Profile System: Create all the profiles that you need. Each profile can have all their own settings, skin choice and more.

  • Monitor System: That displays what The Control Assistant is doing.

  • 20 Skin choices. Each profile can have its own skin choice.

  • Totally stand alone tool that depends on nothing outside of itself. Nothing else to install. The tool is not dependant on any game and their patches will not affect it. It is simply a "Screen Reader". It reads colors (that you setup) and sends the keys (that you set up) accordingly at the time you specify and tries to do it all in an intelligent way.

  • Extremely versatile. No color settings or locations are hard written into the program. You can tweak every detail of where to check, what to check for and specify the reactions. It is extremely detailed and customizable. There are over 1,500 saved settings per user profile.

  • Works with any user interface or any custom "UI's" as you set every location and color yourself with a simple click.

  • Profile management that allows you to have an unlimited number of characters saved in the tool. Load any one of them on the fly. Change from game to game with a click. The tool automatically loads the last profile used on startup. Features to "Save As" and "Rename" profiles.

  • Backup and Restore features to make a backup of your configuration settings in case something goes wrong. You can simply restore all your settings from a previous date with a click.

  • Small unobtrusive interface that keeps you updated on exactly what the tool is doing at that particular moment at a glance CTRL+Right click to move..

  • Customizable Window Title: The window can be named anything that you like.

Battle Settings Window: Let your character make intelligent combat decisions with 20 battle settings that will check for your power and can be set to automatically trigger on any visual setting. Each action has its own priority and will be done in that order. Examples:  Only cast this on yellow con mobs... Only cast a DOT if the mob is above half health... Snare if low health... Cast this if I have a lot of power...

Multi boxing raids

HTML clipboard Mini Macros are an embedded scripting language built into some of our tools, like the Control and Boxin Assistant. All command and target boxes that would normally take a key press like 1 can also use a Mini Macro. These are really powerful and allow you to write your own function for every action. You can send multiple key presses, random pauses, hold down keys, type commands, repeat keys several times, shift click the mouse, and make it one command, for each action...  Mini macros can be sent to your game window and across the Pearl Link connection directly to the Boxin Assistant. So you can bind one key to a Mini Macro and have your whole group click the screen, back up, wait a random time, take a quest ect...  Change from dual wield to a shield. Load a different spell set... Even keys stringed together like: "hutk2". You can also send different commands to each Boxin Assistant at the same time. So you can press one key and have a healer cast a heal and a wizard drink a potion. Only your imagination limits you.

The Mini Macro Builder helps you build custom macros to do more complex things. We find this little tool very helpful. Mini Macros can even be strung together in chains.

Rift Macros

Visual Trigger Settings with Image Searching: Loot, Heal, Cure DOTS, click on rare items or anything you want your character to do with our new Visual Triggers. The tool will prioritize your options based on your settings. These can watch the screen for a color change and send a mouse click or a key press or both and write something to the log file to trigger your other characters as well. For instance The Control Assistant can watch the targets health bar and go into combat when it sees the color change, also telling your other characters to assist you. When the mob dies The Control Assistant can stop combat and tell the others to rest: an automatic group assisting you. The priorities allow the tool to make intelligent decisions on what should be done first. Our favorite is to run a group of newbies around and have it watch our groups health then tell a boxer outside the group (who cannot see our health) to heal us!  It is also really nice when playing a healer and a bit tired. You can set it up to watch the groups health bars so you do not miss a heal and then relax and chat. Watch your screen and send commands to all your boxes when any action happens.

Multi-Box Rift, WoW, LOTRO, EQ1 and EQ2 and more with this versatile gaming system!

Expandable Hot Key Settings Window: Send commands to your other characters privately through the Pearl Link network system or through a shared log file. (must be running either the Boxin', Heal or Combat Assistant on your second PC for this feature). With the "Send to Game" function, you can even tell your other character to mimic your commands, for example,

  • The same command you use to hop on your horse can tell your other characters to do the same.
  • Have your whole group follow you with one key press or wait while you go pull.
  • Have all your boxes recast their buffs while you auto recast your own...
  • Have the entire group cast a DD at the same time...
  • Send different commands to each Boxin Assistant with the same keystroke.
  • Map a key to take quests with a mini macro to have your character and all your boxes target the NPC, talk to them, click the quest, click accept and then follow you from one keypress. 
  • Collection quests have never been easier, just set up the Master loot function and all of your characters can loot with one key press. 
  • Harvesting with a group is a breeze. Just map their harvest key to yours!
  • HTML clipboard A lot of games have a problem, in my opinion, with nearest target meaning the boss mob on the other side of the room instead of one of the 6 mobs I am already fighting.  Create a hotkey to target self, then target nearest mob and the problem is solved. 
  • Use as many hot keys as you need, 5 or 50.  The window grows as you need to make room for more.

Hot key settings using 5 hot keys:

The Control Assistant. Take control of your gaming! Multi Boxing software for todays most popular MMORPGS


Hot key settings using 20 hot keys:

Multi Box a full group with ease. Full control of your other characters from your keyboard.


Network box gaming

The Pearl Link connection allows you to connect your Boxin Assistant directly to a Control Assistant with no log file and it is as simple as a click. This allows you instantly send commands and Mini Macros to the Boxin Assistant with a direct connection. Send different commands to each Boxin Assistant with the same keystroke. No log file needed. Though you can still use it if you want. For instance you can use the game log file to check when to recast your shaman wards and still use the direct connection for starting / stopping combat / follow / wait here ect... Here are some examples that we use ourselves:


Example 1: You want to power level a group of newbies with a level 70 healer that is too high to join the group. You take the Control Assistant on your main computer you are playing and go to Visual Triggers, then set up heals for the group mates. Specify a key to be sent through the network that triggers a heal command on the Boxin Assistant computer.  Let's say on the Boxin Assistant level 70 healer I have a macro in hot key "2" that will heal my group mate 2. Something like:

/target <name>
/cast <heal name>

So I set up a  Control Assistant visual trigger on my group mate (2) health bar that will trigger when their health goes down.  I then set it to send key "2" over the network to the Boxin Assistant Healer who is outside the group. Now when the Control Assistant inside the group see the group mates health go down we send key "2" across the network to the Boxin Assistant Healer and they cast a heal on group mate 2.  Complete and fast  healing from outside of the group. You do not have to worry about it at all as it is completely automated and you can just concentrate on playing your class while your whole group is healed discreetly and privately through the network. Even when you go AFK for a bit and your friends keep pulling.

* You could alternatively use a Mini Macro for this with </target name></cast heal> and just send it over Pearl Link.

Example 2:  You have a shaman, wizard and cleric in your group and are having troubles with running mobs. Then you might want to have different actions for the same key. An "Emergency" key so to speak.  So you assign a Control Assistant Hot Key (Remote Box Controls) to send "9". 

  • On the Shaman you can set "9" to root the mob.
  • On the Wizard you set "9" to the biggest nuke or slow.
  • On the Cleric you set "9" to a stun.

Now when you press the "Emergency" hot key on the Control Assistant your group will devastate the running mob in unity.

Only your imagination is the limit. Some common things we do is tell the entire group to Follow, Wait, Loot, Mount up, Evac, Assist... So many things you can do and you will always be tweaking and adding new things.  You can use the log file triggers watching the games log file and the network commands simultaneously. 

HTML clipboard

The Pearl Link / Logfile settings are for controlling other tools.  Pearl Link is a direct network connection between the Control Assistant and one to several, Boxin Assistants. It is private, instant and combined with the Mini Macro system, really versatile. You can send strings of commands individually to each Boxin Assistant connected. You can cast a stun on your computer, tell your cleric to cast a root and your druid to cast a snare all in the same key press.  It is the best way to connect the Control Assistant to the Boxin Assistant.  If  for some reason you cannot use Pearl Link you can use a shared log file to control them.

Most of  Today's games use a delayed write for the log file so you cannot trigger events off of it. The log file is written after you log out or in chunks in intervals. The Log File Server feature here will allow you to write your own real time log file. Being the only thing written to it are your commands it is fast and responsive. Your other boxes do not have to plow through a huge growing log file to find your commands. It is intended to run across a shared folder on your network. If you have several machines that will be reading it you might want to share a folder on your main computer and locate the log file there then set your other boxes to read the log file you are writing to on your computer. To sum it up just point all the assistants to the same log file.

Multi-Boxing WOW, LOTRO, EQ2, RIFT, SWG, DAOC and more!

Buff Settings Window: Cast 96 buffs with a single key press or simply let the tool recast them automatically on a timer. In addition to 24 single-target buffs, we introduce Buff Sets! This handy feature allows you to set up one buff and cast it on up to 8 targets. Or, you can reverse it and cast 8 buffs on one player. Moreover, the tools can be set up to cast all your buffs at once or one set at a time on command. And, because they are prioritized, you can now send the command to buff and the Control Assistant will cast between battle actions whenever there is a free moment. The buffs just remain in the queue until they are cast. Press the Rebuff Group hot key and all your Boxin Assistants will rebuff as well.

The Control Assistant - Multi Box Controller

Buff Sets:

Multi box specialists -

Inactive Window Controls: Send keys to an inactive window on the same computer (this has been a much-requested feature but it DOES NOT WORK WITH ALL GAMES! If this is your only reason purchasing please be sure to demo it first and test with your game. We know this feature does not currently work with EQ2. It works fine with WOW, Vanguard and others.) With the "Send/ All" checked The Control Assistant will send the key to up to 5 windows with that name. Control 2 WoW accounts on the SAME COMPUTER. Press a key to heal yourself without changing windows.

5 Box world of warcraft

Main Settings

Main Settings Window: Select the number of members in your group and the tool will only send commands (for instance, buffs) set for those group members. Plus, select from a wide variety of skins to personalize your tool!  Have a different profile for each character that you play with a different skin. Set the color variances or search areas to tweak for your interface. Adjust delays and control window behavior.

2 boxin made easy. 5 minutes to 2 boxin EQ

The Master Loot Control allows you to set one key for looting. With this one key press you can send a string of commands to your game and all of your characters. Example: The whole group can: Target nearest corpse, lootall, target you, and follow when you press L.

5 minute 2 Boxin crash course

Skin Choices - You can have a different look for each of your characters:

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Downloads, Upgrades & Support:

When you purchase a tool you have free upgrades, support and downloads for one year. You get to keep the tool, of course. It's yours and will continue to work indefinitely. We do not shut it off. You should back up your serial numbers and downloads within the year's time. 

After the first year, you can purchase extended support for as low as $10 for 90 days. Any support purchase covers all your items, including all previous purchases. Alternatively, any time you purchase a new tool, the support term is automatically extended to one year from the date of that purchase for every tool you own on that day. For example, you purchased a Boxin' and Control Assistant three years ago, then buy a Twist Assistant today, all three tools would be extended to one year from the day you bought the Twist Assistant. This same plan also allows you to upgrade all tools that you have purchased for as little as $10 for a 3-month plan, or you can keep up with all your upgrades for a year at a discounted price. 

We tried to make the plans as generous as possible, while still making it worthwhile to maintain the tools on an ongoing basis. The support plans help us offset the cost of maintaining the tools, reactivating game accounts after a patch, and maintaining the website here year after year. We appreciate the continued support of all our loyal customers!

Disclaimer: On this website we mention many games from many companies that we respect and have played ourselves. We are not a part of or affiliated with any of these games in any way nor do we claim to be. All their information and names belong to them and we are happy that they write such great games for us to enjoy! Legal Notices