The Heal Assistant - v.2.0

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Price:  $24.95

 Compatible with Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista and 7

PC Game Tools proudly presents The Heal Assistant, made to work with any* MMORPG! This tool is designed to help you play a healing class character in MMORPG games. It will allow you to automate a healer on a 2nd PC to heal you on your main computer, or simply take over the button pressing for you. After writing various tools for healing over the years we decided to try and write one that we could use with a lot of games, instead of writing a new tool each time we changed a game. Which these days is to often. Also we wanted something that was very versatile and could change from character to character or game to game on the fly, saving settings for each. We wanted it as simple as possible. We have put an extreme amount of work and features in this tool trying to achieve that goal. Though nothing is ever perfect we have found this tool to be very versatile with several different characters, classes and games and we are pretty happy with its performance. Though you may find the interface a bit in depth at first it was needed to ensure versatility. We tried to give you room to fine tune every detail of the tool to your setup. Each feature of the tool was at sometime added by a request or need. The power is in your hands! This tool should work with most any game that will run in "Windowed Mode".  This tool has been tested with Everquest, Everquest II and World of Warcraft. If you are playing something else please download the demo and test it before purchasing.  Perfect for Healers, Priests, Druids, Wardens, Clerics, Shamans, any class that has healing capabilities. 

This tool will not hunt by itself, it is not an "Auto Killer", it will not read memory, sniff network traffic or tamper with the games data stream at all.  It is a simple little screen reader that "see's" this color at this spot and reacts to it accordingly using the settings you specify.  

Many players today, like us, bounce from game to game, or even play multiple games simultaneously. This tool was made to be versatile enough to work with any interface, has room for unlimited profiles so you can customize each character in every game and save those settings, 20 Heal and 12 Buff settings and much more! Over 300 settings per profile you can tweak. 

The Heal Assistant is great for players who want to take some of the grind out of their healing (staring non-stop at the group health bar can be bad for your health ;-)) and a must-have for anyone who 2-boxes a healing class. If you are serious about "boxin" this is the tool to have! We invite you to review our full list of features and screenshots below.

This little interface tells you at a glance everything the tool is doing without blocking your screen

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  • Profile management that allows you to have an unlimited number of characters saved in the tool. Load any one of them on the fly. Change from game to game with a click. The tool automatically loads the last profile used on startup.
  • Small unobtrusive interface that keeps you updated on exactly what the tool is doing at that particular moment at a glance CTRL+Right click to move..
  • A Pause (Pause Key) Command! Yes even though I love the tool there comes a time when you need to take over and freeze it a moment. Pause does just that.
  • Backup and Restore features to make a backup of your configuration settings in case something goes wrong. You can simply restore all your settings from a previous date with a click.
  • Works with any health bar setup or any custom "UI's" as you set every location and color yourself with a simple click.
  • 20 Individual, fully customizable, heal settings. You can specify every detail of them, the target, the heal to cast, how long it takes to cast, how long before we recast it. Calibrate each one at the threshold you want to heal them at. Works great with heal over times or insta heals. 
  • Group Healing if enough people are hurt. You specify all the details of it. How many people need to be hurt. How often do we recast it.
  • Pre-Targeting This little setting is mainly used for healing people outside of the group. The tool will then target them, check their health and heal them if needed. We have used it to power level a group of newbie's keeping them buffed and healed while outside the group.  


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  • Checks for group members being dead or missing. You specify what to check for if they are dead and the tool will skip healing them instead of wasting power or time trying to heal an invalid target.
  • Checks for targets being full health. You can calibrate when you would like to skip healing a person because they are at full health and do not need healing.

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  • 12 Customizable buff timers. Again you can specify who to cast them on, when to recast them and enable or disable them as needed. Can even buff players that are outside of the group with /target <name> and /cast <something>.
  • A Power Threshold when buffing which if not above will just wait until they have enough power to cast the buff.

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  • Visual triggers to assist you in battle. Game has no log file? No problem. Start and stop combat by just watching the screen for changes to health or power bars ect..
  • Visual triggers to stop combat is they are low in power, health or to wait until the mob is injured before joining combat.
  • Emergency power settings that will go into effect when their power drops below the threshold that you set. Have them do anything you like. Drink a potion, use a spell, sit down.

Battle Settings

  • Log File Triggers that you can specify as needed. Watch for text in your log file like EVAC! and send the appropriate command or 3.

Log file triggers

  • Profile management that allows you to have an unlimited number of characters saved in the tool. Load any one of them on the fly. Change from game to game with a click. The tool automatically loads the last profile used on startup.

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Downloads, Upgrades & Support:

When you purchase a tool you have free upgrades, support and downloads for one year. You get to keep the tool, of course. It's yours and will continue to work indefinitely. We do not shut it off. You should back up your serial numbers and downloads within the year's time. 

After the first year, you can purchase extended support for as low as $10 for 90 days. Any support purchase covers all your items, including all previous purchases. Alternatively, any time you purchase a new tool, the support term is automatically extended to one year from the date of that purchase for every tool you own on that day. For example, you purchased a Boxin' and Control Assistant three years ago, then buy a Twist Assistant today, all three tools would be extended to one year from the day you bought the Twist Assistant. This same plan also allows you to upgrade all tools that you have purchased for as little as $10 for a 3-month plan, or you can keep up with all your upgrades for a year at a discounted price. 

We tried to make the plans as generous as possible, while still making it worthwhile to maintain the tools on an ongoing basis. The support plans help us offset the cost of maintaining the tools, reactivating game accounts after a patch, and maintaining the website here year after year. We appreciate the continued support of all our loyal customers!

Disclaimer: On this website we mention many games from many companies that we respect and have played ourselves. We are not a part of or affiliated with any of these games in any way nor do we claim to be. All their information and names belong to them and we are happy that they write such great games for us to enjoy! Legal Notices