EQ2 and The Heal Assistant Tweaks

The Heal Assistant (Also the Boxin Assistant) takes some time and tweaking to get working just the way you want it. Start out simple. Set up 1 heal on your tank and no battle settings or anything else until you get that 1 heal working. Then add to it. Do not even try to get the battle part working until you have it healing reliably. The heals work very simple, if it does NOT see the color you calibrated it sends the heal key.

In EQ2 you will probably end up turning off the gradient health bars to get it healing properly. It is under: OPTIONS > USER INTERFACE > NAME AND CHAT BUBBLE > HEALTH BAR COLOR MODE, set it to always red.

Also be sure to turn off spell queuing under OPTIONS > USER INTERFACE > GAME FEATURES at the bottom or it will try and cast every heal twice. Also each time you log the healer into the game this will reset it self (at least when this was written).

EQ2 has a log file if you choose to use it but just as easy to use the color system below...

I often set the "assist me in battle if I do not see this color" and set it on the tanks power bar. When they do 1 combat ability the tool will start battle. You can use the stop combat if I see this color to stop from nuking a mob at full health (set it at the last pixel on the implied targets health bar) and the stop combat if I do not see this color to be sure he has a live valid target (set it on the very first pixel of the implied targets health bar).

The Alt+ keys do not work reliably in EQ2 if you have any lag.  But you can set it to a command like usea spellname and it will send this to the game. Also use all lower case, caps will have an issue. Or you can just put the things on your main hot bar for now. We often make a macro with 3 things in it so it takes one hot bar spot.

You can make a macro like this:

/usea dot 1
/usea debuff 1
/usea dd

You can then set the tool to use this key in battle and it will cast these one after another.


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