Fishing Assistant for WoW misses bites

Hey there. I will try and explain how it works so you will know how to set it up.

* The tool tries to distinguish when it is getting a bite by the splash color. It is usually a white color. Try and face your character so the sun (or moon) is not shining on the water creating a white glow on the water surface. This will help the tool determine when it is actually getting a bite. Sometimes just turning a little right or left can make a big difference.

* It knows when to recast the line when it no longer see's the fishing bar (the line that counts down as you are fishing) up. You have to be sure that the fishing bar is calibrated. Try placing the cursor on the green and calibrating it. When the tool no longer sees the green bar it will recast the line. Be sure you have set the fishing key up!

* The first thing you want to do is to make sure that the tool finds the cork each time, the green dot should always be near the cork, if it is not then you have to deal with that problem first. After it is reliably finding the cork then you can work with getting the fish caught when you get a bite. Please note that if your fishing is not high enough for the area it will probably not do that well either. If that is the case you can raise fishing to 300 right in the starting areas. The level 5 fish can take you all the way to max skill.

Then the tool just waits for a bite by watching for a white splash around the cork area.

Now that said, splash variance is what allows the tool to determine whether it has gotten a bite or not. The tool auto adjusts this it self usually starting up near 200 and working its way down. If false bites comes in to fast it lowers the splash variance and if bites come in to slow it raises it to get more chances. You might could go into advanced tweaks and set the SV to 200 or so, save and start the tool. It will rapidly make changes bringing the SV in line and in about 5 minutes should be pulling them in reliably.

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