If Ultimate Crafting Assistant clicks wrong counter

When the Ultimate Crafting Assistant for EQII counters the wrong buff:

Event countering is a trial and error process. Many buff icons look almost identical. What works perfectly for me will not always work perfectly for you and vice versa. We will assume you are using the default hotbar and crafting window that came with the game. Mods and custom UIs will probably not work with it. Feel free to try but do not complain if they do not. If the tool counters events wrong or "mistakes" one buff for another there are a few things we can try. First let me explain how the tool works.
When you calibrate the crafting window it takes a snapshot of the crafting window background, which is why it is important to be sure you calibrate the crafting window correctly by starting to craft an item and stopping it without an event up. If while it is crafting it no longer "see's" this background at the event location then it knows there is an event up. The tool then takes a "snapshot" of the event icon and searchs the first 3 slots of your hot bar for a match, starting from the left and working towards the right, checking each icon using the AC (Accuracy) and FC ( Focus) settings. When it finds what it thinks is a match it clicks it.
Now that we have covered how the tool thinks lets go over some options.
If the tool is getting buffs confused and clicking the wrong one then you can try moving the one that it clicks all the time farther to the right. This will make it see the "other" icons first and it may work just fine after that.

A lot of buffs look almost identical and it is hard to tell them apart. If there is one particular buff set you are having issues with examine the buff icons closely. Are they different at the top or the bottom? If so then you can try calibrating the hotbar a little higher or lower than normal. This will cause the tool to search a different area of the buff icon and maybe tell the difference. You can also try calibrating the crafting window a little higher or lower than you normally would.

AC (Accuracy) This settings determines how strict we are on finding a match. You generally want it as high as you can and still counter. Example: AC 48 will cause the icon to have to match 48 out of a possible 49 colors. AC 49 would make it have to match every color found in order to match and so with lag may not match anything at all. You have to find what works for you. 48 is a good start.

FC (Focus) This setting adjusts the "Blurring" or shading variance to accept. The lower the setting the more accurate it will be. A higher setting will allow more matches and may even match wrong icons if to high. I have ran it as low as 5 with good results but 12-15 is normal.

If all this fails and you still cannot get it to reliably tell the icons apart for a certain trade, say woodworking. You can edit the icons in the EQ2 folder and maybe place a colored stripe or dot on one to help tell them apart. The icons are in DDS format and are found in <game>\UI\Default\images\icons. You can find many DDS converters on google ;)
I hope this helps someone. This question is asked a lot so I figured I would write it up here.


Update 12/05/2011:

The event icons that come with the game can be hard to tell apart. The UCA compares these icons and tries to find the best match when countering an event. It does a pretty good job but if countering events is really important to you, take a look at using custom crafting icons. These solid color icons are much easier to distinguish and can greatly improve event countering when using crafts like wood working. Instead of comparing the icons the UCA can do a simple color check, counter the event and move on. This greatly improves speed and countering accuracy.

The easiest way to install the custom icons is to follow these instructions:
* Install EQ2Maps if you have not already. We consider it a necessity when playing EQ2 anyway :)
* Unzip the CustomIcons.zip file in the UCA's install folder.
* Place the .dds files into (EQ2\UI\EQ2MAP\images\icons).
By default this would be:
C:\Program Files\Sony Online Entertainment\Installed Games\EverQuest II Extended\UI\EQ2MAP\images\icons

* On the UCA go to Main Settings > Custom UI and check the "Use Custom Icons" check box. You do not need to be using a custom ui or check the Use Custom UI box to use the custom icons.




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