Troubleshooting issues

Helping us help you troubleshoot issues:

If you are having problems with a tool here are some things you can do to help us serve you better:

Be sure you are using the latest version of your tool. If you do not have the latest version please download that first as it may resolve your issues. Be sure there are no announcements about this issue as we may be aware of a problem and are working to fix it already.

The tools here "assume" that you are running the default interface that came with your game unless noted. For instance the crafting assistants work with the default crafting window and hot bar that came with the game. The druid assistant expects you to be using the default gradient health bars running from left to right. You can try to use the tools with a mod or custom user interface but do not complain if it does not work ;)

The tools here "assume" that you are running the game in windowed mode unless noted. Some may work full screen but they would be the exception, usually alt tabbing in and out the game throws the calibration off.

Take a screen shot of the problem area and attach it to your trouble ticket. If you are having issues with say the crafting window or health bars, take a screen shot of it and attach it. We might can see the problem right off. To take a screen shot you can press SHIFT+PRINTSCREEN and open paint, paste it in with CTRL+V.

If your Assistant has logging capabilities, some that do are the crafting assistants for EQII, the fishing assistant for WoW and some others. Look in the documentation on how to do this with your particular tool but usually it is pressing CTRL+ALT+L  and letting it run for a while. After this look in the tools folder for a file named something like ucalog.txt and attach it to your trouble ticket. This can help us see what the tool is thinking

When all else fails here is how to submit a helpful trouble ticket:
When you do send in a ticket give us as detailed a message as you can. Include:

  • The game you are playing.
  • The tool you are using and the version number.
  • Describe what the tool is doing or not doing.

A bad example:
"I cANT get it tow ork, do i get a refend?". <--- actual email
Now, we try... we really do you. But examining the statement above I cannot really help this person. What can you not get to work? (keyboard maybe? spell checker?) What tool are you talking about? The fishing assistant maybe or wait maybe a crafting or heal assistant. And then what game? Who knows? It will takes days to get this resolved... Cry

A good example:
I am using the Ultimate Crafting Assistant 2.05 with Everquest 2 and am having.....
With this example right off I know what we are dealing with. Someone is having issues with the Ultimate Crafting Assistant in Everquest 2. At least we are off to a good start Smile

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