Ultimate Crafting Assistant vs Windows Vista

The Ultimate Crafting Assistant works fine under windows Vista and 7.  If you have trouble with it freezing we found that disabling Desktop Composition by doing the following tweak will fix it. It is actually not the UCA freezing but dwm.exe ( Window Desktop Manager) that refuses to give the UCA the color numbers it is asking for. If you kill dwm.exe then the UCA will spring back to life. But anyway, this will fix it :

If the Ultimate Crafting Assistant for EQII locks up in Windows Vista try the following:

We have the Ultimate Crafting Assistant working fine here under windows Vista. We found that we had to disable Desktop Composition while the app was running by doing the following tweak:


Right click the crafting assistants shortcut >   Go to properties > Compatibility > Check Disable desktop composition and hit OK. The crafting assistant should work fine now.


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